Friday, May 07, 2010

So Important, yet so simple


This past Easter was one of the most memorable Easters so far in the Littleton Family.

It all started back on Christmas Eve.  We all went to Papa’s church IMG_0052 IMG_0056 to attend a Christmas Eve service.  (remember, my sweet well behaved 3 year old, and Haven’s look)

So, the time came for the Lord’s Supper.  With whispers, Grani and I took turns trying to explain to Gibson why he could not participate and that we would talk about it later.  Andrew and I knew the time was coming when Gibson would begin asking these important questions.   As a family, we would all take turns and talk about salvation.  Gibson also was signed up for a 4 week “I’m a Christian Now” class.  This class had homework and really laid out a clear explanation of salvation and baptism.

The class ended with a, well, it just ended.  Meanwhile, we would still have small conversations with Gibson, but we did not sit him down, stare him down and say, “Explain to me what you know and then lets pray.”

This year, Papa’s Passion play was during Easter, well, the week before.  Gibson enjoyed it so much and saw it more than once.  Because of the timing, the John the Baptist baptism scene along with the rest of the set was still set up during Easter Services.  This meant that any baptism that Sunday would be done in the horse trough John the Baptist used in the play.  Papa asked if we would like Gibson to be baptized that way, and we said yes.  Not only was it Easter, but it was also my mom’s birthday.

Papa, of course, baptized Gibson and it was very sweet.  What a perfect day to celebrate God’s love for us and our commitment to Him.

MVI_0657 MVI_0657-1 MVI_0657-2 MVI_0657-3Gibson’s entire Sunday school class came, along with his Basketball coaches and our neighbors.

“I am honored, as your Papa, and as a minister of the Gospel of Christ, to Baptize you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

MVI_0657-4 MVI_0657-5

Buried with Christ in baptism.  Raise to walk in newness of life.

Here are some more professional shots of the action.

Gibson's babptism Easter 1 Gibson's babptism Easter 2 Gibson's babptism Easter 3 Gibson's babptism Easter 4

Gibson's babptism Easter 5 Gibson's babptism Easter 7

I thought I might cry, but I was too distracted.  Gibson started climbing in the trough all by himself.  At one point I thought he was going to sit down and play in the water like in the bath!

You can read Papa’s account on his blog

Here are the rest of the fun, self explanatory pictures of the day.


Doesn’t everyone eat candy for breakfast on Easter?

IMG_0651 IMG_0658 IMG_0660 IMG_0662

Don’t we look incredibly coordinated!!  It wasn’t planned.

IMG_0667 IMG_0674

We had a yummy lunch at Lonestar and then a quick Easter Egg hunt at Aunt Christy’s.

One of the best quotes from lunch that day was from Gibson.  When asked if he was excited and happy to have been baptized, he responded,  “Well, yeah.  I’ve been waiting for 3 months!”  (meaning he thinks he was saved on Christmas Eve, when he asked about the Lord’s Supper)  We aren’t going to do the whole, “exact date and time” thing, but I knew a seed was planted that night!  Praise God.