Friday, July 18, 2008

sudden amazement!

Gibson is my first born. I forget sometimes that he will still be experiencing "first" in his life, just like Haven and Elam and eventually the new guy.

Well, I thought that learning how to ride a bike without training wheels was a big huge difficult deal!

Well, last night after swimming and dinner, Gibson went outside with some neighborhood boys to ride bikes. He's been doing this alot lately since Andrew has been working on his Volks Wagon in the garage. (Our neighbor has 3 boys and has been helping Andrew with his car)

Anyway, Haven comes running inside the house, (because, I'm not an outside type girl) and informs me that Gibson is riding his bike without training wheels!!

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Absolutely Amazing right?!?!


Emily said...

Whoa! Way to go, Gibson!!!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Oh wow! Sometimes, they grow up too fast. Today no training wheels...; tomorrow Gibson beats aging Tony Stewart in car racing. AND THEN, he beats his dad in computer games and whips up a gormet meal for his mom.

Aunt Di Di said...

I am so impressed. And just in time for his sixth birthday.


Aunt Di Di

Papa Lyndel said...

Hooray for Gibson!!!

grani said...

YEA! Gibson!! I love you!

stephen lee cavness said...

Good for Gibson! What a big boy!