Wednesday, June 08, 2011

adding Martin and Christmas pictures and whatever else. (only a few months later than I thought)

Going back to Martin for Andrew’s graduation from Grad school was so much fun.  I love to reminisce.  (I am so my mother)

We had a little get-together at one of his professor’s house.  Dr. Payne was one of Andrew’s favorite teachers will in college.


Then the big day came.  We remembered all of Andrew graduation clothes.


We got there in time and then sat and waited.

Thank goodness for i phones to entertain kids.  Well, the big kids.  Grani had to sit towards the back after Beau and Elam decided graduations were boring! 


Above is Dr. Payne.  He spoke at this pre-ceremony for only Masters students.  UT Martin’s first online program!


Proud parents and wife!


Crazy kids.

Below, I’m telling them how no one is riding with Papa and Grani back home, b/c I’m about to take them to all the memorable places in Martin that they need to see. 

They weren’t happy about that.


First stop.  My apartment for the 2nd semester of my junior year.  Andrew moved in after we got married.  Apartment J-13

From here, he had a short drive to Arrow Aluminum to work and I had an even shorter drive to class. 


These are the softball fields where Andrew proposed!


Never did I imagine we would be back here for Andrew graduation from out Alma Mater with 4 kids in tote!


Next was Andrew’s house growing up.  He lived here since, um, like middle school, I think.

Once I decided Andrew was the one, I was here all the time.  Especially around meals!


Next we drove to where the church was.  Andrew’s dad was minister of music there up until the year before we got married.

It is no longer there.  Instead, a GINORMOUS bank is.  Who needs a bank that big in Martin?!  I wish I could have seen the church one more time before they tore it down.


I enjoyed my stroll down memory lane.  The kids, not so much.

Now on to something the kids DO enjoy.  Christmas!!!!!


Christmas 2010

Nothing says Christmas like Steak and Shake and a sad little 2 year old who doesn’t want his picture taken with Santa!


WAIT! Before Christmas presents comes birthday presents.  Oops!

Haven had a movie night with a few friends followed by ice cream.


After presents, we went to get her ears pierced.


A little nervous, yet excited.  Kind of like childbirth.


Scared with a hint of “how could you?!”


In this “Before” shot, the dot looked good.  We needed to bring in some reinforcements just in case. (Claire’s very huggable bear)

Below, is the “After” shot.  The sucker helps her, but you can still see a tear from the actual event.


Her friend Libby was staying to spend the night.  I don’t think we traumatized her, but, she isn’t getting her ears pierced any time soon.

After, or before, I can’t remember, we had present time with Grani, Papa and cousins.


Haven and Libby.  The girls!


OK, Haven and Libby and Elam.  Girls plus little brother with his hands down his pants.  Oh good.  Didn’t notice that before now.


Oh, I see 4 heads.  (and both Elam’s hands)



Movie time!  Girls and little brothers.


Ok, finally time for Christmas Eve!

Cute little boy in Reindeer pajama’s from his Aunt Annliese.


Beau, “What are you doing here Maddux?  Oh yeah, you are like my Aunt and Uncles child.  Merry Christmas Maddux!”


Mom, “Let’s take family pictures on Haley’s couch.”

Bret and Andrew made this difficult.


More awkward and unflattering pictures.  Not sure what it is.  Maybe it’s my couch.  Everyone’s legs look big and bodies look squatty.  (or maybe we all need to exercise a little more)  Not. sure.


I think mom and dad look adorable in their tigger and snowflake shirts!


Now that we’ve seen how chubby we are, let’s look at cute skinny kids eating Andrew’s famous Snicker doodles for Santa.  I think I only had 3 or 4, or 8.  I can’t remember.


Time for the music portion of the evening.  Opa and Elam!


And then Andrew, b/c he can.


Elam is available for weddings and family reunions.


Now, Christmas Day!!!!  Man, this is taking forever!


Bernard slept in the dining room next to the tree.  Santa just happened to bring little puppets just like him to the 3 big kids.   What a strange coincidence.


Then we had presents and, play time outside.  It was a white Christmas!


Above, kids with Santa gifts.  Below, dad checking on Martha.  He was worried.


Sometimes snowball fights get vicious, but she bounced right back!  As always.


Watch out Oma!!!!



After a warm hug from Oma, the kids needed to dance to our new Wii games.  Thanks  Aunt DiDi.  Shake it Aunt Robin!


I think dance is a perfect way to end Christmas and this terribly long post!  Woo hoo!