Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haven, my character kid

At school, classmates can vote on a Character Kid for the month.  I’m not sure how they do it.  I think they are nominated by the teacher or class, at least, that’s how Gibson said it worked.  He was a character kid earlier in the year.


Aunt Annaliese was able to come to Haven’s special breakfast, just for Character Kids.  She was the perfect example of a proud Aunt.  She took over the camera and walked right up to the front to take a video.


IMG_0622 Remember, Gibson is marrying Bailey’s sister Olivia.  Maybe Bailey will also become part of the Littleton crew?

Haven’s buddy Bailey was also a character kid that morning.IMG_0628 IMG_0629

A funny memory about this morning was that I was very glad the Principal wasn’t there that morning.  (she’s a little long winded)  Bridget agreed.

Green days and awesome birthdays

This is from March.  Maybe April will follow soon.

Olivia Philips had a Jump Zone birthday party.  My big kids were the only guest.  You know Olivia as my best friend’s daughter and a classmate of Gibson.  Oh, and as the future Mrs. Gibson Littleton.  Since we won’t be in Clarksville for much longer, the kids and I were glad to have the chance to spend with the Philips.IMG_0578 IMG_0579


We will miss seeing these sweet and fun girls after we move from  Clarksville.  Although, we’ll get to see each other enough after Gibson and Olivia are wed.

Next comes my kids in green.  It’s always fun and hard to get a good picture.  Here are some of the attempts.





St. Patrick’s day is also cousin Bernard’s birthday.  We wish we could have gone to Memphis for his birthday.  Hopefully we can go next year.

So, the next celebration was Grani’s birthday.  Her birthday was also the premier of Dancing With The Stars.  So, we had a DWTS birthday.IMG_0590

All the grandkids dressed up for the party.




Grani and Papa also dressed up for the party.  Grani had a fancy dress and all the extras including false eye lashes and fishnet hose.

Papa had his ballroom dancing shirt on with sleeked back hair.  Elam asked Papa to button his shirt up, since he wasn’t used to seeing Papa that way.

IMG_0606 MVI_0604-1


IMG_0610IMG_0609 MVI_0611-1

IMG_0614  Aunt Christy, in her hip hop outfit, danced with Elam.  He loved being dipped!


After dancing, it was time for presents!


And, yes, Andrew is missing.  He was there for a little bit, then he had to go.  Otherwise, I’d have made him dance!!!!!!!!