Saturday, March 13, 2010

Perform, puke, potty and PDO

I’m wanting to get better at updating this, just for memories.  Don’t bet your bottom dollar on it though!

So, to explain the title.

Perform:  Haven sang, “Walk Away” from High School musical 3 for her class during music on Wednesday.

Puke:  I didn’t get to see her perform, because I was home with Beau and Elam who had been sick and throwing up the day before.  Thursday I spent most of the day laundering every sheet and blanket in the kids room.

Potty:  Late late Thursday, Gibson get’s sick and throws up.  He’s on the top buck and hits at least half of the items I’d washed earlier that day.  :)  He stayed home from school Friday, which was the day he was supposed to perform in music class.  He wanted to sing, “The Boys are Back,” also from High School Musical 3.

PDO:  (parents day out)  Wed. was supposed to be Beau’s first day at PDO, but, since he was sick he didn’t go.  He did great on Friday.  Bridget said he had fun and ate and slept.  What a perfect day.  :)

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Christi said...

So sorry everyone's been sick! Keep it clean and I hope they all feel better soon!!