Saturday, March 13, 2010

Perform, puke, potty and PDO

I’m wanting to get better at updating this, just for memories.  Don’t bet your bottom dollar on it though!

So, to explain the title.

Perform:  Haven sang, “Walk Away” from High School musical 3 for her class during music on Wednesday.

Puke:  I didn’t get to see her perform, because I was home with Beau and Elam who had been sick and throwing up the day before.  Thursday I spent most of the day laundering every sheet and blanket in the kids room.

Potty:  Late late Thursday, Gibson get’s sick and throws up.  He’s on the top buck and hits at least half of the items I’d washed earlier that day.  :)  He stayed home from school Friday, which was the day he was supposed to perform in music class.  He wanted to sing, “The Boys are Back,” also from High School Musical 3.

PDO:  (parents day out)  Wed. was supposed to be Beau’s first day at PDO, but, since he was sick he didn’t go.  He did great on Friday.  Bridget said he had fun and ate and slept.  What a perfect day.  :)

Friday, March 05, 2010

Trying Windows Live Write

This is supposed to be easier.

I’m trying this out.



hmmmmm…….. it does seem easier.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dec 09 - March 2010

End of Cheer and Basketball celebration

Winter Fun!
Car wreck and lots of snow

Christmas fun in Arkansas

White Christmas with Papa.

Gibson was in the same show when he was little.
Look close, it's me in the ornament!

Beau's faces

Gibson's 1st grade performance.

Elam's 1st day of MDO
Christmas fun in Arkansas

Bowling in Arkansas

Below are pictures from Christmas Eve. You'll see cookies and reindeer food. You'll also see Elam standing up around some other children who are sitting down and listening to Bro. Larry telling them about Jesus.

A seed was still planted in Gibson's heart during the Lord's Supper during that service.

Where's Haven? Can you find her face among the sitting children? Can you tell what she is saying? Probably, "Mom! Can't you do something about him?"

My beautiful 6 year old

I had to straighten her loose teeth for this picture. They were both so loose and for a while she looked like a little hill billy.

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Dec 09 - March 2010

So, in no way will I be able to update on everything since my last post. Especially since the laundry buzzer is going.......I'll be right back.

Let's see, so, Haven turned 6 on the 23rd. She went to the movie, The Princess and the Frog with Gibson and buddies Olivia and Bailey Philips. Hannah also came with us. They had fun, while the moms and Grani sat nervously wondering if we were damaging the kids by allowing them to what ended up being a dark movie. Anyway, so, Christmas. I think it went well. I don't remember much about it. I remember that again, we went overboard on toys. Why is that?!?
Oh, and we went to Mt. Home and had what my dad called the best Christmas ever. Aunt Annaliese and Uncle Bret were there and I think my dad enjoyed not being completely outnumbered. Oh, and before the Christmas break from school, Elam and Beau and I were rearended in our van. Thankfully, we were all ok except for my very sore neck. It took over a month, but our van was repared. It was fun driving a cool SUV rental though.

January had winter weather and basket ball and cheer leading. I am the proud momma of the cutest cheerleader and basketball player ever! Haven finally started to use her voice during some of the cheers, but she always had good jumps. Gibson was improving at every game! Elam also started Mother's Day Out on Wed. and Fridays. On his first day of school he learned that you get put in time out if you bite other kids. He also learned about letters and Moses.

Oh, and, I'm not sure if it was Jan. or Feb., but both Gibson and Haven lost their two top teeth!

February also had winter weather. So much so that the kids missed several days of school. Andrew turned 32 and we actually went on a date! Valentines was fun for the kids. Elam, Haven and Gibson enjoyed parties at school and passing out valentines cards, provided by Grandma in OKC. They also enjoyed opening mail from both Oklahoma Grandma's and Grandad. My favorite part was the chocolate dessert Andrew made. Yummy!!
We finished up Hoops and Hollars, as Papa calls it. Before the season ended, Oma came to watch a game along with Aunt Annaliese. Gibson scored 3 baskets at his last game!!

We also found a house in Mt. Juliet. It's a short sale and will need lots and lots of work. If we get it, the timing should work out perfectly. End of April, we can start working on it and by summer break it should be move in ready. I will need patience to not want EVERYTHING fixed right away, but eventually, it will be Home Sweet Home!!

March 2nd was Gibson's 1st grade program. He had the opening introduction and he said it beautifully!

Elam is at the stage where he says the cutest things. While reading an ABC's book with Andrew, Gibson and Haven said that E was for Elam. Elam said that E is for Monster Truck. In a way, I think Monster Truck represents Elam perfectly. He is getting better at dressing himself and only puts his underwear on backwards half of the time. He is also getting better at not being a monster himself. Just in time for Beau to pick up the slack and start acting crazy. Beau still doesn't say real words except for Momma and Thank you. But he loves to blow kisses and wave and growl. He just turned 17 months old.

Starting next week the big kids are going to start riding the bus to and from school. Beau will also start going to Mother's Day Out with Elam. He will have my friend Bridget as a teacher. So, Wednesdays and Fridays will now be my favorite days of the week!

Ok, so, I'm going to work on pictures.