Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tn fun

First day at their new school

Grandma came with us to TN. She helped with the 12 + hour drive from OK

Walking with all their school supplies

Gibson's class. He knew my friend's little girl Olivia. She is in his class.
Haven didn't know anyone, AND, her teacher was out for the first two weeks.
The pick up line after school.

TN is fun! We get to play with cousins

Beau was just learning to walk when we moved.

We also celebrated Beau's birthday a little early so Grandma could participate. Grani picked up this adorable cake without knowing that Beau already had a sweet puppy shirt to wear. It matched perfectly!!!

Then, we had my birthday which was actually spent going to get the rest of our stuff from OK. (we sold our house!)

Then it was Halloween.

Haven's Cheer clinic was next.

She'll be cheering for Basketball games at the Family Life Center. Maybe she will cheer for Gibson's team?

She asked if she would get to "Stack Up" at cheer clinic. She didn't get to this time, but maybe next.

More fun times to come! I'll try to be better at posting.