Saturday, July 04, 2009

uncle stephen and Chuck E Cheese

So, during our visit to TN we were able to meet up with Stephen, Christi, Charlie and brand new little Piper.
We don't go to C.E.C. except for special occasions. It's just too crazy and hard to keep an eye on everyone. However, the one at River Gate wasn't that busy, which was nice.
On one of our surveys of the kids, we couldn't find Elam.
Here's where we found him.

You see, if you climb up in the basket ball game, you can get a free ball.
Beau enjoyed driving with Chucky.

The kids had fun playing with Charlie and Piper.

It was nice seeing Stephen and his family.
Stephen has a special place in our family. He was Gibson's suite mate for a short time. That's how he earned the "Uncle" part of his name.

Here's a cute video of Gibson and Elam playing air hockey.
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stephen lee cavness said...

i am just now seeing this!!

it was so good to see ya'll again.. and now that ya'll are moving back we will have to do it more often!

-uncle stephen

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

This thrills me more about your move to Tennessee.