Friday, March 13, 2009

my special children

Above is the morning my "running boy" got to spike his principles hair up for raising SO much money for his fund raiser. (see previous post)

We also saw a bulletin board with Gibson's "reading corner" pictures on it.

That was on Monday.

Friday was Haven's special day. She was already supposed to dress up as her favorite Fairy Tale character. (I found a Cinderella costume at a consignment sale last week)
Every Friday is a Rally round up at Haven's school. Every quarter only two students from each class are chosen for "Outstanding Citizen"

Here she is waiting with her class before the rally. Her best buddy "Sleeping Beauty" is next to her.

In this video, listen to Elam's sweet voice saying "It's Haven! It's her!"

Here is Haven's class.

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Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Thanks for taking "us" with you at these events. I got to see Haven and Gibson and I got to hear Elam. And soon it will be Beau hollering at his siblings. Time flies for busy parents.