Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aunt Annaliese and the police

Over Spring Break my sister came to visit.

The kids were so excited when we picked her up. They pretty much stayed excited the whole visit! (she's able to do that by bringing presents AND promising trips to Walmart)

The girls went out one afternoon to do some wedding dress and flower girl shopping. Haven had such a good time.

While she was here we talked about old days including my wedding. It was fun watching that old video!

She also told the story about when she took me to the hospital for Haven's arrival. She was telling Gibson that she was driving way too fast and a police man pulled us over.

Well, Gibson got his own experience with a police man after his Aunt left.

He was playing outside with a neighborhood friend. Haven was out there too. I was inside about to feed the baby when she knocked on the door. She brought me the mail. I proceeded to continue what I started. Then ANOTHER knock came. I figured it was Haven bringing me something else, SO, I didn't answer it.

A few minutes later Gibson and Haven came inside saying that Tyler went home.

A few minutes after that ANOTHER knock came at the door. I figured it was Tyler wanting to play with the kids again, so I let Gibson answer the door. Instead of opening it, he said, "Mommy, why is there a police man at the door?"

He was very nice. (I was also holding Beau) ;)

He asked me if I had kids ages 6-10? I said a 6 year old. He asked about neighborhood kids and I mentioned Tyler who just turned 6. He said the boys were throwing sticks and hit a man's car. He got out to yell at them, but they ran away. Then he came to my door, but I didn't answer. (that's when I was feeding Beau)

The police man was able to, in a very professional way, convey that the man was basically over reacting especially since he wasn't able to get a hold of me. (to which I'm very thankful he did NOT!)

So, after the police man left, the kids and I had a talk.

This part isn't important, but I'd like to rant.

I have never really liked the little boy down the street. I do feel sorry for him. He has two older siblings, so he doesn't have anyone close in age to play with. His mommy lets him play outside all by himself. He even rides his bike up and down our street with out any supervision!!!! He basically has free run of the whole street!

So before this happened, when he would come to play, I'd let the kids play with him IF, they stayed in the yard or driveway. You know, so they wouldn't get hurt or get into any trouble!!!! Ha!!

So, the new rule is, No playing outside without an adult.


GRANI said...

Well...personally...I like the new outside playing rule. Not that I would interfer with my opinion or anything!!!!hahahahaha! Okay...now pick yourself up off the floor from laughing yourself silly.

Tell my little criminals I love them!

Emily said...

Annaliese looks beautiful in that dress. I hope her fiance doesn't read your blog!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Shopping for your sister's wedding dress one day; talking to a policeman in front of your home the next day... That's what I call DIVERSITY in your life, Haley. You're multi- facet. :-)