Saturday, February 07, 2009


Sorry it's been so long. Things are a little crazy, hectic, busy and any other descriptive word you can think of for a house of 6.

I'll catch you up.

Andrew was able to go to Las Vegas with Dell. (and several other Dell employees from his team) My mom was sweet enough to offer to replace me for a few days. I flew out Wed. afternoon and was back home by Friday afternoon!!!

Vegas was so fun! I had no idea how clean it would be. Also, I was forewarned to bring comfy shoes, but mine weren't comfortable enough!! I still have bruises on my big toe nails from all the walking. You could walk for days and days and still not see everything!

Each hotel has a different theme. My favorite was MGM because of the Lion Habitat. (look in the picture at the top) There was also a hotel with a pool that had a built in aquarium with a slide, so you could actually slide through the aquarium and wave to a shark and then splash into the pool!

So, you can see even McDonalds has a Vegas vibe. We ate at the German restaurant in the lower left picture. It was ok, however, since I grew up with delicious European food at home
I'm hard to impress. We DID get to eat at one of Mario Batali's restaurants!! Boy, was it good.

So, if you like walking around with your sweetie for hours and hours everyday, then Vegas is the place for you. We didn't get to see a show because they were too expensive, But I hope to go back and see one.

Also, Beau turned 4 months old on Feb. 3rd.

Isn't he sweet?!

We also had a few days at home with ICE. The kids bundled up and went outside.

AND, Andrew got his birthday gift a little early from his mom and dad.


As you can tell from Elam's face he was pretty excited.

(to see more video, you can look on my Facebook)

And, for my latest update...... Gibson scored the only 2 points for his team today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I was so excited to see these pictures. Beau's personality is shining through. I love having the children around; they're so joyful about everything. They make me want to embrace life with more enthusiasm. Of course looking at the Las Vegas pictures wanted me to embrace life there. :-)
Tomorrow is Andrew's birthday. You cook him a gourmet meal. Well, maybe he should do that. Just give him a big hug from us. Our birthday present to him :-)

Aunt Di Di said...

Haley, I'm thrilled that you are updating your blog. I've missed it. It more personal than FB.

I love the pictures of your vacation to Las Vegas with your handsome husband. Building memories. Sharing them with us! (Thanks.)

Mindy said...

Beau just keeps getting cuter & cuter (of course the other three Littleton babies are cute as well). Bet it was hard to leave him for Vegas, but also a welcome break from being mommy to 4 little ones. Anthony keeps trying to get me to go with him when he goes each year for the SEMA show with work.

Cara said...

Hey...which Mario Batali restaurant did you go to? I'm going to a Batali restaurant in Vegas a week from Saturday! I can't wait....I'm a big fan!

OKeedokey said...

Mindy, you totally should go! You'd love it.

Cara, the restaurant we went to was Carnevino. I forget which hotel it was in. It wasn't huge, but that didn't matter!!