Monday, February 09, 2009

Andrew's birthday!

Yesterday was Andrew's birthday. Friday night was our celebration night out at the fancy shmancy TABLE ONE restaurant. (It was also our Valentine gift to each other) You can read the article on it at Andrew's food website. Click here.

Since we spent all our money doing that, we weren't planning to go our to eat on his real birthday, but, our plans changed slightly so we ended up going out.

Can you tell where by Haven's photography?

(not sure if you noticed, but Gibson was missing from the Joe's Crab shack photos.)

He was invited to a friend's house and we let him go. We knew he'd have more fun there, PLUS, we'd have to hear about it over and over and OVER if we didn't let him go.
(plus, I joked with my friend Jana who let him come over that it was actually a nice gift for andrew to only have 3 kids!!)

After picking Gibson up we went home for Andrew's birthday card and apple pie!

Haven picked out his card.
It says, On your birthday, party like a ROCK STAR.

On the inside it says something about at your age, you need to be a folk singer instead.

(Gibson's back!! See?!)

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!
I hope ya'll are ok! I saw pictures on the news of tornado damage in Oklahoma City!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Andrew's birthday segment is so cutely written up. Can I use the word cutely? I had so much fun reading about Andrew's birthday. Did you forget to tell Andrew he's supposed to look older, not younger? Especially, I like Gibson's picture at the end. (He's back!)