Thursday, February 19, 2009

always catching up

I think I will be forever catching up on my blog until my kids are in college!

Anyway, Here are a few pics of our fancy "Table One" dinner. It was so yummy. It was also fun being around other people who don't think chicken should always come in nugget form!

The courses were beautifully plated. Chef Perret gave a brief introduction to each plate. He even personally selected a wine to go with every other plate. (by the 6th course, some of the other guest were feeling pretty good) Unlike the others, Andrew and I left with our glasses quite full. (Later, they confessed to finishing our drinks) I guess it's better not to be wasteful?! (depends on if you are asking my family or Andrews) I hope you are all smiling and not offended!

Probably Andrew's favorite birthday present ever! (besides Rock Band)

again, if you want to see the review from Andrew's site click here.

For Valentines, we made our own sushi. And, like I mentioned above, the chicken we used for the kids was in nugget form, just cut up to fit in the roll.

Here's what each kid thought.......

Haven and Elam didn't mind it, but Gibson, well, the picture says it all.

They all enjoyed the gifts and cards they received for Valentines.

And, another highlight of V. Day was Gibson's basket he scored!

I love the top right picture. Even while playing basketball, he can't help but do a beautiful, Grand Jete'.

And, I'm a proud mamma. Gibson was chosen for a Confidence award at school.

This was the same day of his Valentine's Party. I knew I wouldn't be able to stay for his party because of the crazy two year old.
The video below is of me coming to his class to congratulate him. The video stops suddenly. You can imagine why...............

Thankfully, Elam didn't eat any of the little kids party food.


Christi said...

Ok, I'm going to believe you about the wine at dinner, but you have to admit, Andrew's cheeks are a little pink in that picture of the two of you!!! ;)

OKeedokey said...

Thankfully, I have many witnesses! And, everyone that knows Andrew knows his cheeks and ears are always red! :)

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Elam is pretty fast. Mommy has xray vision to catch him.