Thursday, February 19, 2009

always catching up

I think I will be forever catching up on my blog until my kids are in college!

Anyway, Here are a few pics of our fancy "Table One" dinner. It was so yummy. It was also fun being around other people who don't think chicken should always come in nugget form!

The courses were beautifully plated. Chef Perret gave a brief introduction to each plate. He even personally selected a wine to go with every other plate. (by the 6th course, some of the other guest were feeling pretty good) Unlike the others, Andrew and I left with our glasses quite full. (Later, they confessed to finishing our drinks) I guess it's better not to be wasteful?! (depends on if you are asking my family or Andrews) I hope you are all smiling and not offended!

Probably Andrew's favorite birthday present ever! (besides Rock Band)

again, if you want to see the review from Andrew's site click here.

For Valentines, we made our own sushi. And, like I mentioned above, the chicken we used for the kids was in nugget form, just cut up to fit in the roll.

Here's what each kid thought.......

Haven and Elam didn't mind it, but Gibson, well, the picture says it all.

They all enjoyed the gifts and cards they received for Valentines.

And, another highlight of V. Day was Gibson's basket he scored!

I love the top right picture. Even while playing basketball, he can't help but do a beautiful, Grand Jete'.

And, I'm a proud mamma. Gibson was chosen for a Confidence award at school.

This was the same day of his Valentine's Party. I knew I wouldn't be able to stay for his party because of the crazy two year old.
The video below is of me coming to his class to congratulate him. The video stops suddenly. You can imagine why...............

Thankfully, Elam didn't eat any of the little kids party food.

Friday, February 13, 2009

More Rock Band videos

So, by now you know the kids love Rock Band.

Even while Haven was sick last week, she wanted to play. She was only able to make it through one song.

Even Beau is getting in to it!!

Gibson now does, "Eye of the Tiger" on expert!

You have to be very cautious when Elam wants to play drums!!

rockin' grandma, hair cuts and tornados!!

So, Tuesdays are Grandma days. We usually go over to her house, but on this Tuesday, she came to us. Beau and Haven had a doctors appointment, so she came to watch Gibson and Elam for me.

She has so much fun with the kids. She's like one of them! She'll even play Rock Band with them!!

I was glad to have an extra set of hands to hold Beau. He did not feel good after his 4 month old shots. The doctor also said he is getting a tooth.

Well, we watched the weather together and decided that if I left early for my hair cut, I'd get back in time for Grandma to get home before the bad weather started.

I left at 2:00. At 2:30, the ladies at the salon are getting a little concerned. One of them heard on the news that there was debry on Rockwell and NW Expressway. (which is where we were) The construction workers doing work in the parking lot were STILL pounding away when we decided to take cover.

So, we moved to a back room that's not attached to an outside wall just as a tornado was coming by.

Thankfully, the tornado went a little further down from us, but here are some pictures of the damage.

Thankfully, only 3 people had minor injuries. I made it home safely and so did grandma. Gibson was in lock down for a little while, but he too made it home safely!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Andrew's birthday!

Yesterday was Andrew's birthday. Friday night was our celebration night out at the fancy shmancy TABLE ONE restaurant. (It was also our Valentine gift to each other) You can read the article on it at Andrew's food website. Click here.

Since we spent all our money doing that, we weren't planning to go our to eat on his real birthday, but, our plans changed slightly so we ended up going out.

Can you tell where by Haven's photography?

(not sure if you noticed, but Gibson was missing from the Joe's Crab shack photos.)

He was invited to a friend's house and we let him go. We knew he'd have more fun there, PLUS, we'd have to hear about it over and over and OVER if we didn't let him go.
(plus, I joked with my friend Jana who let him come over that it was actually a nice gift for andrew to only have 3 kids!!)

After picking Gibson up we went home for Andrew's birthday card and apple pie!

Haven picked out his card.
It says, On your birthday, party like a ROCK STAR.

On the inside it says something about at your age, you need to be a folk singer instead.

(Gibson's back!! See?!)

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

Haven the Super Star!

I forgot to mention in my last post that Haven was the Super Star in her class last week. She had to decorate this paper star with some of her favorite things. We needed a bigger star for all the family she wanted to put on there!!

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Saturday, February 07, 2009


Sorry it's been so long. Things are a little crazy, hectic, busy and any other descriptive word you can think of for a house of 6.

I'll catch you up.

Andrew was able to go to Las Vegas with Dell. (and several other Dell employees from his team) My mom was sweet enough to offer to replace me for a few days. I flew out Wed. afternoon and was back home by Friday afternoon!!!

Vegas was so fun! I had no idea how clean it would be. Also, I was forewarned to bring comfy shoes, but mine weren't comfortable enough!! I still have bruises on my big toe nails from all the walking. You could walk for days and days and still not see everything!

Each hotel has a different theme. My favorite was MGM because of the Lion Habitat. (look in the picture at the top) There was also a hotel with a pool that had a built in aquarium with a slide, so you could actually slide through the aquarium and wave to a shark and then splash into the pool!

So, you can see even McDonalds has a Vegas vibe. We ate at the German restaurant in the lower left picture. It was ok, however, since I grew up with delicious European food at home
I'm hard to impress. We DID get to eat at one of Mario Batali's restaurants!! Boy, was it good.

So, if you like walking around with your sweetie for hours and hours everyday, then Vegas is the place for you. We didn't get to see a show because they were too expensive, But I hope to go back and see one.

Also, Beau turned 4 months old on Feb. 3rd.

Isn't he sweet?!

We also had a few days at home with ICE. The kids bundled up and went outside.

AND, Andrew got his birthday gift a little early from his mom and dad.


As you can tell from Elam's face he was pretty excited.

(to see more video, you can look on my Facebook)

And, for my latest update...... Gibson scored the only 2 points for his team today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!