Wednesday, January 07, 2009

excitment and thoughtfulness

No pictures this time, but boy I wish I had my new flip mino camera going during this conversation yesterday.

Me, "Hey guys, guess who is getting married?"
Kids, "Who?"
Me, "Aunt Annaliese!"
Kids, "oooh"
Me, "And guess who's going to be in the wedding?"
Kids, "who?"
Me, "All of us!!"
Kids, "Wow! (said slowly with really big eyes) Cool!"
Haven, "When? Tomorrow?"
Me, "no. I'm not sure."
Haven, "I should get her a present."
Me, "what do you want to get her?"
Haven, "Well, we could get her turtle bowls."
Me, "Turtle bowls?" (they got turtle bowls for Christmas)
Haven, "yea, so one day when she has kids her kids can eat cereal."
Gibson, "I should get Bret a gift."
Me, "What do you want to get him?"
Gibson, "I don't know. Maybe daddy can help me. Oh, I know. I could get him a lamp.... or....or... a light for outside cause they'll have a house....OR....OR...... I could get him something to use when he's cooking. Does Bret like to cook?"

What sweet kids I have.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Gibson's tooth and his baby brother

Gibson finally lost his loose tooth!
Haven was excited!

And, Beau turned 3 months old.
(sorry the song just ends.... it was too long for so little pictures.)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New yearsl

We had a happy new year's eve with Cousin's Issac and Asher and Uncle Randall and Aunt Emily.

And yes! We made it to midnight! Woo hoo.