Monday, December 22, 2008

Rocking out 2 ways!

A friend of Andrew's let us borrow his X box and Rock Band stuff. The kids love it, including me and Andrew. Even Beau was bopping his head along with the beat when his daddy was playing. He also slept through our Rock session this morning.

I asked the kids to make a rock star pose.

Here's Gibson's

(rockin' out in footed pajamas)

and Haven's

(working her My Little Pony shirt and purple beaded necklace)

And, with a little help from Gibson, here is Elam's

He is so funny. I wish I could video him all the time!!

And now you will see how a fourth child can sleep through anything!!!

Awesome huh? Does anyone feel sorry for Boomer?

Did I mention Elam is crazy?

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Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

What are calling your band? They definitely take the music to the edge. Haven makes a great lead singer. I admire Beau's calm composure through Gibson's guitar and Elam's drumming diamite duo music playing. I have to say it: AWESOME!