Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Haven's party at Build A Bear (lot's of videos)

We celebrated Haven's birthday a little early in order not to compete with the 25th.

She picked out her own dress (of course!) and invited some friends from school, church and dance class. The Build A Bear party was lots of fun. All three big kids made a puppy dog.

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Most of her friends made it to the party. They each got to pick out an animal to make. Then, each guest got two hearts. One for Haven's pet and one for their own.

I think everyone had lots of fun. Grandma and Elam were a little wild at the store. She got Haven's dog a pink Tiara and septer and a purse. Gibson and Elam's dogs got a basket ball.

At the end, she got to ring the bell and the whole store sang to her.


Daniel and Christy Davis said...


That looked like such a fun party! I'm so sorry that Hannah and Aunt Christy could not come!

We love you!

GRANI said...

What a fun party!!!! I wish I could have been there!!! Haven, I'm so glad you have so many friends to share you birthday with. I'm also glad you get to celebrate your birthday all month long. I'm planning to have a birthday party when I get there at the end of the month. Woohoo! I love you, precious birthday girl!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

What cute doggies and bears! Actually, Haven was a cutie at her birthday party. Gibson looked handsome like his daddy with his cool shirt, and Elam looked like Elam. Beau looked like a baby, and Grandma looked like she can hip hop with the best. What a great, fun birthday..! I want to meet Haven's doggy. Oh My! I forgot his name! I'll have to call him Cutie Pie Puppy until I know his name. Happy Birthday party, Ms Cutie Pie, Haven!
Opa & Oma