Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy birthday haven

For most of her birthday, Haven was at Grandma's house playing with cousins Alyssa, Carrie, and Jonathan and Mindy.
They made a cool Christmas tree out of cookies and icing.

Beau enjoyed rocking with everyone, but I only got a picture of him with Uncle Roger. I have a similar one of Gibson when he was that tiny with Roger.

Haven has already gotten tons of gifts. Here's a few more from mommy and daddy.

Elam loves dancing to High school Musical. Below he is telling his daddy that Haven got a High school musical present!!

She also got a cool Hair beading thingy from her Aunt Annaliese.

So, if you were reading and paying attention, you'll notice that I said that Elam loves dancing to High school musical.
(He is mixing dance and basketball all together.)
The second video has a quiet part where Elam gets very still........... so funny!!

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Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I think music are the bones of the Littleton family including my oldest daughter. I sense the beginnings of the Von Trapp (sp?)family, more on the jiving, upbeat tempo though! :-)