Wednesday, December 31, 2008

more family fun

Sunday was a fun family day.
First, everyone went to our downtown church plant to watch Andrew lead worship.
Then we ate at a yummy cafeteria. (We had 12 chairs and 2 high chairs)
Later that night was the Bronco game. The kids played with their cousins while andrew nervously watched the game.

Unfortunately, they didn't win.
And unfortunatley Grani and Papa had to go back home. Before they left Grani had some Easy Bake oven baking to do.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy birthday haven

For most of her birthday, Haven was at Grandma's house playing with cousins Alyssa, Carrie, and Jonathan and Mindy.
They made a cool Christmas tree out of cookies and icing.

Beau enjoyed rocking with everyone, but I only got a picture of him with Uncle Roger. I have a similar one of Gibson when he was that tiny with Roger.

Haven has already gotten tons of gifts. Here's a few more from mommy and daddy.

Elam loves dancing to High school Musical. Below he is telling his daddy that Haven got a High school musical present!!

She also got a cool Hair beading thingy from her Aunt Annaliese.

So, if you were reading and paying attention, you'll notice that I said that Elam loves dancing to High school musical.
(He is mixing dance and basketball all together.)
The second video has a quiet part where Elam gets very still........... so funny!!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Rocking out 2 ways!

A friend of Andrew's let us borrow his X box and Rock Band stuff. The kids love it, including me and Andrew. Even Beau was bopping his head along with the beat when his daddy was playing. He also slept through our Rock session this morning.

I asked the kids to make a rock star pose.

Here's Gibson's

(rockin' out in footed pajamas)

and Haven's

(working her My Little Pony shirt and purple beaded necklace)

And, with a little help from Gibson, here is Elam's

He is so funny. I wish I could video him all the time!!

And now you will see how a fourth child can sleep through anything!!!

Awesome huh? Does anyone feel sorry for Boomer?

Did I mention Elam is crazy?

Haven's birthday cake and Annaliese's suprise!

My friend Amanda did it again. She made a cute cake for Haven. Haven said she wanted a flower cake. Isn't it sweet. It was yummy too!

But, there will be no more cake for me! I have a wedding to be in! Annaliese got engaged on the 20th!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Haven's party at Build A Bear (lot's of videos)

We celebrated Haven's birthday a little early in order not to compete with the 25th.

She picked out her own dress (of course!) and invited some friends from school, church and dance class. The Build A Bear party was lots of fun. All three big kids made a puppy dog.

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Most of her friends made it to the party. They each got to pick out an animal to make. Then, each guest got two hearts. One for Haven's pet and one for their own.

I think everyone had lots of fun. Grandma and Elam were a little wild at the store. She got Haven's dog a pink Tiara and septer and a purse. Gibson and Elam's dogs got a basket ball.

At the end, she got to ring the bell and the whole store sang to her.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Our Thanksgiving, High school musical Wii, 2 months old

This year Andrew and I planned on going to Tulsa to see Grandma and Grandad.

WELL, my mom had a great idea. She wanted to SURPRISE Annaliese. (Annaliese loves surprises) Annaliese and her boyfriend Bret were having an early Thanksgiving at my Aunt's house in Memphis along with Oma, Opa and Aunt Robin.

So, my mom came up with a plan. She would drive to Memphis, then to OKC, then help me and the kids get to Memphis the day before Annaliese and Bret were to arrive. Then she would help me and the kids get to Tulsa, to meet Andrew. (she would then have to drive to Mt. Home all by herself, very late at night) She could have been paid by the mile and made lots of $$$$$.

The kids had to miss Monday and Tuesday of school, but they didn't mind since they were going to get to hide and yell, "Surprise."

Well, if you know my mom, she is not the best at keeping secrets. She's just not good at being sneaky!

So, after accidently talking about where everyone was sleeping, including Gibson and Haven, Annaliese was suspicious. Mom tried to cover herself by saying that is how we would sleep NEXT time.

Most of the kids were asleep when they arrived and they didn't get to yell surprise, but we had a wonderful time.

My mom was able to trick Annaliese into bringing her Christmas gifts for the kids.

Ignore my rambling on this video.

Here's a Thanksgiving song from Haven. (she's wearing her Bethany Broncos shirt)

Turkey, Turkey where are you?

I'm a pilgrim looking for you,

Thanksgiving day is coming soon,

Thanksgiving feast we'll have at noon,

Turkey, Turkey where are you?

I'm a pilgrim looking for you

The kids were thrilled they got to open up Aunt Annaliese's Christmas presents early.

Beau got some cute outfits, Elam got a few cars and some FLOAM, Haven got a Highschool Musical Cheerleader outfit, and Gibson got a Highschool musical Wii game.

Here's some video of them playing the Wii game. It is so much fun to watch them play.

And, Beau turned 2 months old on the 3rd.