Friday, November 14, 2008

More pictures and Andrew's exciting weekend

Here's the link to see the rest of Beau's pictures. They are so sweet! I love Jeff and Sindy's photography. You can see their other pictures also at the link below except without the /beau.

Andrew left today for Atlanta. He is going to see the Broncos play the Falcons. Andrew's friend Carlos is friends with the Falcons HEAD Coach. Not only will he get to sit in Mike Smith's private box at the game, he will also be staying at his house!!
He will also get to meet Jason Elam!


R Lyndel Littleton said...

That is way cool! Who's Mike Smith? I guess I should know. But I DO know that the Elam guy is the Bronco kicker. I've heard a wonderful story about his name.
Jeff and Sindy do INCREDIBLE work!

Emily Doss said...

These are great pics....and Daniel said, "NO WAY!" when I told him about Andrew's adventures. He was so pumped for him!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I am tickled pink that Andrew has an opportunity to see his team play even if he's sitting on the opposite side of the fence. I'm sure he'll cheer silently, but then I don't know about Andrew. :-)

Roger said...

How exciting! Be sure and have Andrew tell his friend that his favorite uncle loves football, too.

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

Oh my...the pictures are beautiful. You have the 4 most beautiful children in the state of OK (I have to choose my words carefully since I have so many beautiful children spread out across the country).

Jeff Moore said...

You have such beautiful kids and your website is so cute!
Do you want me to resize the pic to fit the area at the top and resend it to you? Or maybe we just need to take more and put a new one up(ha!ha).
I just love your kids!!!!

Jeff and Syndi Moore said...

Okay so that last post says it was posted by Jeff but it was actuallly posted by Syndi! But I am sure you could tell that!

Have a great Thanksgiving

Brandi said...

The pics are awesome!!!!

And that is so exciting about Andrew getting to stay with the head coach and his family and watch the game from their box!!! I am so jealous!!! Well, if they were playing the Cowboys I'd be WAY jealous!!!!!!