Saturday, November 08, 2008

Haven's Vocabulary Parade

Friday was Haven's Vocabulary Parade.
Each Pre-K student and Kindergarden student was giving a vocabulary word to learn. They also had to create a costume that discribed their word.
Haven's word was Friendship.
She wore her Ariel costume and carried a fish.
I didn't get to go, but Andrew went.

Some of the other words were
(What costume would you come up with?)


Emily said...

I don't know, but if I had to make a circumference costume, it would give me a complex.

OKeedokey said...

Ha Ha! I agree.

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

What a great mother's helper... I love to see Haven's joy. What a valuable word, friendship... That was a brilliant choice: Ariel and her friend, Flounder.

grani said...

I love the way Haven showed "Friendship"! and....I LOVE the picture at the top your blog. When can we see all of those pictures from the photo shoot?

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

I also love the picture at the top of your blog!

christi said...

I LOVE the picture at the top of your blog! Where do you keep getting all of these wonderful pictures?!?!

Papa Lyndel said...

Wonderful pictures. but how could they not be with such beautiful children to work with.