Saturday, September 27, 2008

more soccer

Opa, Oma and Aunt Robin came down to visit this week. Opa had to leave this morning, but he was able to help Gibson with his soccer socks before his game.

Elam has been working on his soccer skills.
We also got our van back today. It looks as good as new. I have a story about all that, but I'll write it later.

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Oh, and today is my due date.
No, baby yet.
My doctor will let me go till next Saturday since that was my original due date and then we will talk about inducement.


Aunt Di Di said...

So adorable. I love these videos! Makes me feel as if I was there. (Well .... almost.)

No baby yet??????? I'm on pins and needles waiting for "the" phone call.

I love you so very much! I can't wait until I get to hold the newest member of our family in my arms!

May God be with you ... always.

With all my heart,
Aunt Di Di

a wandering heart said...

Hope your little one doesn't wait til 40 weeks 5 days like mine did! Although I guess technically if next Sat. is your original due date, then you'll be at 40 weeks then!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Finally, you have delivered another future soccer player into the Littleton houshold. Are you considering that two more would complete a basketball team? :-)
What a delight it was seeing Gibson play soccer! I miss everyone already!