Saturday, September 27, 2008

more soccer

Opa, Oma and Aunt Robin came down to visit this week. Opa had to leave this morning, but he was able to help Gibson with his soccer socks before his game.

Elam has been working on his soccer skills.
We also got our van back today. It looks as good as new. I have a story about all that, but I'll write it later.

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Oh, and today is my due date.
No, baby yet.
My doctor will let me go till next Saturday since that was my original due date and then we will talk about inducement.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

One of many celebration hugs above.

The team sat down for a snack break.

Gibson made 3 or 4 goals.
Gibson getting ready for the corner kick.
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Gibson waiting on the sidelines. It was a hotter than we thought it would be today. He is really enjoying soccer.

Friday, September 19, 2008

check these out

Honestly, I have really been in denial that I'm about to have ANOTHER child. I'm just too busy to have a baby right now, but I guess I'll have to figure it all out with in a few days (or weeks!)

There are two website I want to share with you that have brought me joy in the fact that I'm about to pop.

The first one has my maternity pictures on it. Click here

Our friends Jeff and Syndi Moore took all those fabulous family pictures a few months ago. I love their work.

The other blog I want you to check out is Little Hen. Click here

My friend Jennifer has started a little sewing business and she made me a BEAUTIFUL diaper bag. It's on her web site. It's the blue and brown one with a B on it for Beau.

I have decided on Beau and I'm pretty sure I know what the middle name is too! I'll share that soon when I'm positive!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haven's picture day and Gibson's B book

Today was picture day for Haven.
I remember school pictures lining the stairway at my house, BUT, they will NOT be lining my hall ways. You would believe the cost of these basic packages!! It's about as bad as Santa and the Easter Bunny at the mall.
If I wanted a package including an 8 by 10 it would have been at least $40! Yikes!

Look at these twins below.

more school work

Gibson's "B" work

Gibson's family picture.

Video of Gibson reading his B book, followed by a small amount of daily chaos which ended in Gibson spilling his lunch!!

Next is his family picture which includes a "see through" belly on me!!

Also, Haven talks about her homework she did with Grandma.

After lunch we watched and danced to the wiggles.

So much fun and this was just during lunch time after Haven came home and before Gibson left!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why does sleepy Haven have a guitar?

This morning is a special day for Haven.
They are studying the "senses" this week

Ms. Tidwell sent a note home asking if anyone had any instruments they could bring or even play.

So, she brought the little guitar AND..............

Her daddy!!!!!!
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Monday, September 15, 2008

more of Haven's work

Haven brings home a TON of work each week.

I had to share some more homework she did last week.

She is learning about family and had to color a picture of everyone who lives in her house.

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She is also starting to work on reading "sight" words.

Here's some video of her singing another color song and then showing off her "Me" book which has her height and weight and hand print and foot print and pictures of her family.

Gibson's school work

Some of Gibson's first weeks of school involved writing letters and numbers and learning small, medium and LARGE.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gibson's first game

Today was Gibson's first soccer game.

It was SO much fun!! After stretching they started the game.

Haven and Elam had fun watching.

I'm not sure what the final score was b/c the rain really started coming down and me and Haven and Elam went to wait in the car.

Gibson had lots of fun, but didn't like getting all wet.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not before 7:45

Below is an e-mail from my mom to my sister. It's about Haven. Since my mom is a writer, it's a little off on the ACTUAL facts, but is basically true.

Dearest Annaliese,
I regret to inform you that Haven has been banned from entering her school before 7:45 AM.
Children who arrive before 07:45 are required to enter the cafeteria until time to go to class. Haven refuses to enter the cafeteria. (Her dad drops her off in the mornings.)
The first day she had a melt down, and a teacher escorted her on to MS Tildwell's class. The second day a teacher told Haven to go to the cafeteria, and Haven calmly, but firmly, told her NO. She was going to go straight to her teacher's class. The third day had Haven personally escorted by the principal of Bethany to her classroom. The fourth day Haley receives an email requesting Haley that Haven is to be dropped off after 7:45 in the morning. End of story... Haven is in pre-kindergarten and managed not to visit the cafeteria once.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gibson's tap class

Last night was Gibson's tap class.
He had his new tap shoes on and is, of course one of the best in the class. He's just a natural!

There are 3 other boys in his class. I can't wait till his recital. It's going to be ADORABLE!!

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Look at him walk on his heels!