Sunday, August 03, 2008

party day and something scary!!

One last birthday gift from Oma arrived last week.
I'm glad gifts are over. For a while Gibson expected a gift for his birthday everyday.

Saturday was a fun and busy day with a birthday party that morning and a small group church party that night.
The birthday party had little swimming pools and a slip and slide AND water guns!

The next party had a pool as well, but we also had little kitties!!
Can you see how Elam is holding it?
I'm surprised it could breathe.

That night after the party, I finally cut Elam's hair. I was dreading it b/c #1, it would make him look too big and #2 it might be chaos. I had to do it after the swim party b/c all the little girls around his age had shorter hair than he did!!! That was embarrassing!
Well, it turned out alright.

To me the next picture is something SCARY!!
I can see his big boy face. Can you?
He will be two on the 11th, but he looks older than that.

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Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

When I see the children's care free expressions of delight, I want them to experience childhood joys for as long as possibe. Frankly, being an adult can be boring at times. Your little boy, Elam, is growing up! Hey, in a few weeks you'll have a tiny one...again. Who knows; he may be the bald headed one.

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

Wow! He does look like a big boy! He is so cute! The hair cut looks good!