Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Haven's first day of school

Today was Haven's first day of Pre-K. She is going to Bethany elementary. (hopefully, Gibson will get in the same school, if not this year, than next year)

She goes in the MORNING, so, we were up BEFORE daddy and left at the same time.

Here's her tote bag.

She's off to hang her tote bag up.

This is Tate. She and Haven went to Mother's Day out together.

Before I left, we watched her sit on the carpet and say the pledge.

Just 2 1/2 hours later, it was time to pick her up.

There she is in blue. She waved at me. Later she told Grani she saw me taking her picture from the car.

Only Andrew will understand how shocked I was that she didn't cry today. Since the Spring, around April she began crying whenever we dropped her off places. Even places she was used to going to. Mother's Day Out and Sunday School involved her crying at drop off and even crying during the class.
I've been talking about school with her all summer and evertime, she would say she wanted me there with her and that she was going to cry. I would even try saying, "We can get you a special new outfit or something special for you to take with you." and her response was, "That won't help, I'll still cry."

Seeing familiar faces in her class must have really helped her. She also took Gibson to school for a week before she started. She and I had special mommy daughter time while Gibson was gone.
I guess all those things helped.

I wish you could have seen her sweet and brave smile and wave when Gibson, Elam and I left her room this morning. NO TEARS.

She had such a great day!


Daniel and Christy Davis said...

Aunt Christy is also proud of Haven for being such a big girl and going to school! And she is proud of Aunt Haley for being able to get up so early to get here there! And she she is proud that Haven is such a big girl she didn't even have to cry when Mama left!

Does she go everyday?

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Hooray for Haven! Two down, two to go. :-)

OKeedokey said...

Yes, she goes EVERY DAY!
Thankfully, Andrew will start taking her soon and I won't have to leave the house. I'll just help get her ready.

She had another wonderful day today!