Thursday, August 28, 2008

colors week

Haven is studying colors this week and next week in Pre-K
Tuesday was red day. (Oma's favorite)

We forgot to take a picture yesterday for Yellow day.
(look Grani, it's pinkie pie)

Today was blue day. We bought colored socks and special hair bands for her hair this week.
Tomorrow is purple day which is also the school color.

Next week is orange green (for bernard), and rainbow and favorite color day.
Who can guess what color Haven is wearing for favorite color day???


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

PINK! Yea! Haven looks so pretty in all her colors;my favorite was Haven in RED!

GRANI said...

Hmmm....maybe PINK?!?!?!

Cousin Bernard said...

NO NO NO! What are you guys talking about!!!!!!?????

Haven is NOT going to choose pink! She's going to choose GREEN!!!!!!!! Just wait and see!!

I love you Haven!!!
Go GREEN!!!!!