Friday, August 15, 2008

2nd day 3rd day

Here's Gibson on his 2nd day of school.
No parents on this day, but we did walk him in.

Here he is in line waiting to go.

The cute little girl beside him is Mary Kate. (That's her little brother) He was ready for a nap like Elam was.
On the first day, the kids played the quiet game. Girls had to pick boys and boys had to pick girls. When it was Gibson's turn, he picked Mary Kate. YOU CAN TELL HE HAS A LITTLE SISTER, because when he picked her, he was a little rough and knocked her little head around. I'm glad he didn't knock her bow out.

Today was Gibson's 3rd day and we just dropped him off at the front.
(That was a little hard for me)
I'm glad he doesn't mind me taking lots of pictures.

The picture below is hard for me to look at. It make my eyes water.

He is such a big boy.
The same little girl, Mary Kate was also being dropped off with Gibson.
I didn't get a picture, but he held the door for her and I heard her say, "THANK YOU!"

Don't worry Oma and Grani. There is a teacher right inside the doors that waits with the Pre-K and Kindergartners until their teacher comes.After taking Elam home for a short nap, we came back and parked and waited for brother.

We waited in line and picked him up and he was happy! (no surprise)

We still wait to find out next week about Bethany.

Haven meets her teacher on Tuesday and starts Pre-K on Wednesday.
We know now that she is in the morning class at Bethany. So, she will go in the morning half day and Gibson will go in the afternoon. :) ugh!

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Daniel and Christy Davis said...

So is he in half day kindergarten? I don't think they do that around here. That is what I had. He is so big! Aunt Christy is proud of him!