Thursday, August 28, 2008

colors week

Haven is studying colors this week and next week in Pre-K
Tuesday was red day. (Oma's favorite)

We forgot to take a picture yesterday for Yellow day.
(look Grani, it's pinkie pie)

Today was blue day. We bought colored socks and special hair bands for her hair this week.
Tomorrow is purple day which is also the school color.

Next week is orange green (for bernard), and rainbow and favorite color day.
Who can guess what color Haven is wearing for favorite color day???

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

car bump

Yesterday on the way to pick up Andrew from work, the kids and I got into a little tiny wreck. (My first official one)

Thankfully, no one was hurt AND we were really close to Andrew's work, so he was able to get a ride out to us.

This kids were really excited about seeing a police man.

(they wanted to know when the police men were going to take the guy that hit us to JAIL!)

When I told the police man that, he laughed really hard.

He waved bye to the kids and then gave Elam a high 5. Elam grabbed his hand and wouldn't let go! I think he really wanted to go with him! Later we asked him if he liked the police man and he said, "uhh hmm" Then we asked if he wanted to be a plice man and he said, "uhh hmm!"

You'll have to call and ask the kids about it.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

leading worship downtown

Andrew led worship today at our churches downtown plant.
It started with "Every move I make".
The kids sang along and played instruments.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

funny story about Haven

Having the kids in two different times in school does have it's benefits.
The main one being that I get to have more individual time with them.
More so with Haven than Gibson.

When Haven is home with me in the afternoon, Elam is taking a nap, so we really get to hang out just us girls.

Our dishwasher has been broken for about a week now, and I was behind on washing all our dishes because I was out of dish soap, but I finally got some and it was time to

Haven was very eager to help me, so we spent, probably an hour washing dishes.
(it took ALOT longer with her "helping" but it was well worth the time)

She was so proud of our effort that she began to predict what Gibson and Daddy would say when they got home later.

She said Andrew would come home and say, "Haley, what happened to all the dishes?!"

Funny thing #1 Andrew doesn't call me Haley, he usually calls me "momma"
So, she changed it to, "Momma, Momma, Momma, what happened to all the dishes?"

Funny (and sad) thing #2 Both Andrew and Gibson would never EVER notice something like a sink full of dishes that had been washed, not to mention all the counters cleaned.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that our efforts were appreciated by us and us alone

I'm glad we have each other.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Haven's first day of school

Today was Haven's first day of Pre-K. She is going to Bethany elementary. (hopefully, Gibson will get in the same school, if not this year, than next year)

She goes in the MORNING, so, we were up BEFORE daddy and left at the same time.

Here's her tote bag.

She's off to hang her tote bag up.

This is Tate. She and Haven went to Mother's Day out together.

Before I left, we watched her sit on the carpet and say the pledge.

Just 2 1/2 hours later, it was time to pick her up.

There she is in blue. She waved at me. Later she told Grani she saw me taking her picture from the car.

Only Andrew will understand how shocked I was that she didn't cry today. Since the Spring, around April she began crying whenever we dropped her off places. Even places she was used to going to. Mother's Day Out and Sunday School involved her crying at drop off and even crying during the class.
I've been talking about school with her all summer and evertime, she would say she wanted me there with her and that she was going to cry. I would even try saying, "We can get you a special new outfit or something special for you to take with you." and her response was, "That won't help, I'll still cry."

Seeing familiar faces in her class must have really helped her. She also took Gibson to school for a week before she started. She and I had special mommy daughter time while Gibson was gone.
I guess all those things helped.

I wish you could have seen her sweet and brave smile and wave when Gibson, Elam and I left her room this morning. NO TEARS.

She had such a great day!

Meet the teacher

Tuesday was "meet the teacher day" for Haven
It was from 11:30-12:30
Remember, Gibson goes to school at 12:30, so we had to get there and be done in time to take him to school.

The plan was to run and pick up Grandma so she could watch Elam while Haven and I met Mrs. Tidwell.

WELL, Andrew had the keys, so this is the kids waiting for daddy.

When we got to school, we found Haven's room and her special hook where she will hang her tote bag everyday.

There were little cubbies and a fun kitchen set to play with.

Haven knew several other kids from Mother's Day Out.

Here they are singing, "Waiting on Daddy to bring the keys."

Friday, August 15, 2008

2nd day 3rd day

Here's Gibson on his 2nd day of school.
No parents on this day, but we did walk him in.

Here he is in line waiting to go.

The cute little girl beside him is Mary Kate. (That's her little brother) He was ready for a nap like Elam was.
On the first day, the kids played the quiet game. Girls had to pick boys and boys had to pick girls. When it was Gibson's turn, he picked Mary Kate. YOU CAN TELL HE HAS A LITTLE SISTER, because when he picked her, he was a little rough and knocked her little head around. I'm glad he didn't knock her bow out.

Today was Gibson's 3rd day and we just dropped him off at the front.
(That was a little hard for me)
I'm glad he doesn't mind me taking lots of pictures.

The picture below is hard for me to look at. It make my eyes water.

He is such a big boy.
The same little girl, Mary Kate was also being dropped off with Gibson.
I didn't get a picture, but he held the door for her and I heard her say, "THANK YOU!"

Don't worry Oma and Grani. There is a teacher right inside the doors that waits with the Pre-K and Kindergartners until their teacher comes.After taking Elam home for a short nap, we came back and parked and waited for brother.

We waited in line and picked him up and he was happy! (no surprise)

We still wait to find out next week about Bethany.

Haven meets her teacher on Tuesday and starts Pre-K on Wednesday.
We know now that she is in the morning class at Bethany. So, she will go in the morning half day and Gibson will go in the afternoon. :) ugh!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The first of hopefully TWO first days of school for Gibson

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) we took Andrew to the airport. He had to go to Dallas.

Gibson was really sad.

Haven was asleep and wasn't upset.
She said later that she wasn't crying because she's not stuck on daddy like she's stuck on me.

So, today, Wednesday, was the first day of Kindergarten for Gibson. Some of you know the story, but I really want him in another school, but they won't know if he is in till next week, so next week he may have another first day of school at Bethany elementary where Haven will be in Pre-K

He picked out his clothes and new shoes and new back pack for school.

Haven and Elam had their stuff too, but that's because I had to take them to a friends house while I went with Gibson.

We found his class and his cubby.

He sat on the carpet and waited for the rest of the class. There's about 23 kids in his class.

After some songs and a story, the kids and their parents worked at the table on a craft.

He had a great time. He was sad to leave today. I'll be sad tomorrow, because I'll have to leave him there from 12:30 - 3:00.

Here he is with his class raising his hand for the roll call.

This was a very unusual first day of school. I can't really focus on it b/c I still want him at the other school with Haven. It doesn't seem real to me yet. :)