Monday, June 09, 2008

sum of the last few weeks

We haven't had a family picture taken since Elam was born, so we had some pictures taken earlier last month.
There were so many good ones that I still haven't picked one to be blown up to the size of our other family pics.

Me and my one and only little girl.

The current boys

Ok, now, when you have your first child, you say to yourself, "That is the prettiest baby I've ever seen." Here is my first born at a handsome "almost" 6, and he is still so pretty!! Look at those eyes! He looks like a model.

Haven's beauty shines right through that smile and
OF COURSE her lovely blues!

Here is the boy who a few days earlier had to get stitches and woke up with a fever on the day of our shoot.
My dad calls him "Slugger"
Andrew's been joking about baby boy names, and he came up with "Boss" for the new baby. I think it fits Elam better.

Here is Elam on his last day of ISR. He wore his full clothes and diaper and shoes this day to see if he could do it fully clothed to simulate and real accident situation.

He did fair. I'm not sure if he truly graduated. He couldn't get his float very well, but did it a few times.
He always cried, but the tears were worth it.
Mrs. Brandi was very proud.

Here he is saying, "All done!"

Randomly, I was invited to a cake decorating class at a friend's house, so, I baked a cake and made icing and here is the finished product!

And, lastly, VBS this last week.
Here's Gibson at snack and Haven finishing recreation.
I had some friends who took some more pictures, so I'll post them later when I get them.

Haven learned a verse,
"Teach me what is right"
On 86:11
(Psalms 86:11)


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I often look at the sample pictures (where your pictures came from) that I have on my computer, and these pictures are so wonderful. I know the photographer was excellent, but her subjects were royal.

Yea for Elam in his swimming class...! I think he accomplished a great deal!

Vacation Bible School..I can remember that!

Rachel Wilson said...

I LOVE all those pics! The one of you and Haven is AMAZING! all of the individuals of the kids are georgeous!

I took cake decorating classes once. It really is a lot of fun.

I MISS YOU TERRIBLY! I need a nice long visit with you. The kids can play and swim and we can talk and laugh and eat oatmeal peanut butter cookies. I'm Pretending we are on my deck right now!

Anonymous said...

adorable pictures Haley!! Good luck getting FOUR kids to cooperate next time!! haha I am trying to get motivated to actually POST on my blog!! I know don't faint or anything!!
talk to you soon,

Papa Lyndel said...

When you first sent me the link to those pictures I didn't get any work done all day. I just kept looking at those incerdibly wonderful pictures! I wish you and your kids and Christy and her kids were here in Indianapolis with us. We could spend tomorrow together at the zoo.

Mindy said...

The pictures are all so beautiful. I especially like the one of you & Haven - you both look gorgeous.

I've heard of ISR, but never knew anyone who did it - pretty cool.