Friday, June 13, 2008

Early Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day a little early this week, because we have a busy weekend ahead of us. (I'll talk about that in a minute)
Here are the cards the kids signed and decorated for all our Fathers and Grandfathers and Great Grand Fathers out there.
(Grandpa, if you are reading, you won't receive the Owl card you were supposed to, b/c we accidentally mailed it with the others even though it didn't have your address on it or a stamp)
Andrew's Superman card was the coolest one. It played the Superman theme song. It just makes you want to strike a Super hero pose. By the way, If you ask Gibson what he wants to be when he grows up, he'll say a super hero.

We gave Andrew a Father's Day photo book.
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Andrew is our Superman!

Elam enjoys talking on the phone. He talked to Papa the other day. It was our last day of VBS, so we talked about the fish at church and snack time.

So, this weekend is a fun and busy one. Gibson has a birthday party to go to, but more exciting than that, our good buddies Daniel and Emily Doss are coming to town. Daniel's been on tour with his band and they are stopping by here this weekend. He is going to play at our church Sunday morning.
I have a link to Emily's blog listed with my other ones, but if you'd like to check out Daniel's Website click here.
Daniel was Andrew's best man in our wedding and he and Emily got married just two weeks after us. They are our only friends who are our age and married 8 years!!
Emily was also a suit mate of mine in college. It will be so good to see them, but it will be too short!
Our busy weekend doesn't stop there.

After church, we will say bye to Daniel and Emily and hello to Oma, Opa and Aunt Robin.
They are coming to OKC to watch Elam while the rest of us go to.........................................................
Disney World!!!!
We will head to the airport Sunday afternoon! Gibson and Haven are so excited. (So are their parents!)

There are so many other characters than the ones above we want to see. I'm most excited to go to ANIMAL KINGDOM!
We will post pictures as soon as we can!!

Woo hoo!!


lottery raffle said...
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Rachel Wilson said...

hey guess what? Dell handed their second shift workers walking papers and a severence package last night. hasn't even been on the news yet. My dad is security there these days. Steven is already laid off (he and my dad work for Wackenhut Corp.) from the security firm they work for! Please pray work comes quickly. I am seeing flashbacks of 2006 already!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Does everyone have a backpack? It will save you $15.00 that is going to cost you to check a suitcase. Or one big bag for everyone... :-)
Have snacks with you; you may have to purchase snacks on the airplane. Otherwise, have a smashing, wonderful, fun thrilling time, and tell Mickey Mouse hello for me.