Monday, June 23, 2008

Day two(also Leave Elam alone post 6/14)

Day two
(also, I added "Leave Elam Alone" post) 6/14

On Day two, we finally made it to Magic Kingdom. (On day one, we went to MGM instead by accident)
The kids got their autograph books so any characters we meet could sign them. It's different than it used to be, you have to wait in line to see them at their scheduled time. Here's my first tip, it's worth it to make a reservation and pay to eat at a character meal so that the kids can meet all the characters and get their autographs. That way, you won't waste time waiting in lines to see them.
We saw quite a few, the first was Pluto.

And, Haven saw the fairy godmother.

We didn't meet any princesses, but we did take our picture by the Cinderella fountain.

Next was the Snow White ride. It was scarey.

Then we waited, and waited and WAITED to see Mickey and Minnie.

After that, we got the kids faces painted.

My princess and pirate!!

We rode the Peter Pan ride. This was a ride that the Fast Pass came in handy so we didn't have to wait in line very long.

I'm not sure why I look so scared in the kid rides!
We ate and then met Captain Hook and Smead.
We also saw a little show on the street with Captain Jack Sparrow. He sounded just like Johnny Depp. I just knew he would pick Gibson for a special part since his face was painted, but he didn't.
Then we went on the Jungle Cruise after climbing in the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house.

By the time we made it to Tomorrow Land, Haven was exhausted. Gibson's face paint was just about gone too! The stroller really came in handy.

While Haven was asleep we went on the ride that goes around Tomorrow Land while we waited for our Fast Pass for the Buzz Light Year ride.
She woke up for Buzz Light Year and then went on the ride around Tomorrow Land again.

Before we left the Magic Kingdom, we saw the Princesses dancing on the stage.

We didn't have dinner reservations anywhere. Here's tip number two, have dinner reservations! We got in so easy the day before, we didn't think we'd have trouble, but we did. We ended up eating at our resort which was not very good. We had an early night, which helped us get up a little easier the next day for Animal Kingdom!!!

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