Monday, June 23, 2008

Day one

Hard time waking up

We actually got on the wrong shuttle and ended up at MGM studios instead of Magic Kingdom, but it turned out ok.

The kids got to meet several characters. The first one was Donald.

We saw a Highschool Musical performance. The kids didn't really "get it." They wanted to see the real stars of the show.

Then we saw The Little Mermaid and Playhouse Disney.

We even saw Lightning McQueen and Mator for a minute.

Our special treats for the day were hats, sunglasses and lollipops.

While we waited for the parade it started to rain, but we stuck it out and got really good spots for the parade.

The parade was so much fun! All the Pixar characters were in it. The queen Ant from A Bug's Life gave a high 5 to Haven!
After the parade we headed to Epcot. All the different countries were very neat to look at.


Outside of France we saw a short acrobatic show.

He kept going higher and higher!

I love this picture of Haven!! That's how we all felt watching him going higher and higher!

In Japan we made mask and the kids names were written on them in Japanese!

We ate at a yummy Italian restaurant and then went to the Nemo ride and aquarium.

At the aquarium we saw Crush the turtle. He gave kids the opportunity to ask him questions. He was really funny.
We also let Gibson and daddy go on a "Trip to Mars" ride. Haven and I weren't allowed to ride. Gibson LOVED it!! He wanted to do it again and again!!

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grani said...

What GREAT pictures! It looks like you guys had a blast. I am so glad I didn't see the picture of Elam until he was back with his mommy. He looks so pitiful! He will get to go to Disney next time.