Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 3

I was really looking forward to Animal Kingdom. Here's tip 3. Everything I read and researched said to go to the parks during the extra "magic" hours. There is one extra hour in the morning on certain days and three extra hours on certain evenings. We never did the evening hours b/c the kids were way too tired. We did try the extra morning one for Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. I don't think it's worth it, because EVERYONE who stays at a resort goes that morning and day to that park. The shuttles we so full and we had to wait a lot longer. One bus driver said to me that these are the worst days to go. (He was driving a bus to Animal Kingdom on the day Magic Kingdom had the extra morning hour. NO ONE was on his bus!! Everyone was waiting for the Magic Kingdom shuttle)

So, we got up early and headed to Animal Kingdom.

This is Turk. (The kids don't even know who Turk is, but there was a really short line, so we said Hi anyway.)

So, we got our Fast Pass for the Safari Ride and walked around the Monkey, Bird, and Gorilla trail. There were fantastic opportunities to see the Gorillas!! It was so cool!

Next was the Safari ride. I was looking forward to this for a long time. The problem was that all the signs said PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD NOT RIDE. It was not a good lesson for my kids, but I used my bag I carried around to "hide" my belly. I had to warn the kids ahead of time that they may not let mommy on the ride.

Afterwards they asked how did I get on. Andrew told them I was being sneaky!!!!

Unfortunately, my camcorder was dead that day, so I couldn't get good video. It was really neat to see the Giraffe so close to the truck!!
Below is a sleeping Lion on the rock. Can you see it?
While waiting for daddy and Gibson to get lunch, Haven and I spotted a beautiful butterfly.
We could see the Mt. Everest ride from out table. I can't wait to go on that one day!

We saw the "Bug's Life" 3 D movie. Did I already say that the 3 D movies were always worth the wait! The kids loved them! I won't ruin surprises, but there was always something to scream at at each movie. The bug one really got me good!!!!!
Gibson and his daddy did the big Dinosaur ride that Haven and I could not go on.
Afterwards he said, "I didn't love it very much."
Andrew said it was way to scarey for him. He didn't cry, but he held on tight to his daddy.

While they were on the ride, Haven and I played at a very cool Dinosaur playground where she got to get very wet.
She even climbed a very big slide! I was so impressed!

Above are some pictures of our resort. It was nice, but I won't stay there again. Too much walking to get anywhere and we were one of the closer buildings.
They did have bunnies that were fed alot and used to seeing people so they didn't run away. (unless chased by a 5 and 4 year old)
Since we learned our lesson, we made dinner reservations the night before and headed on the ferry boat from our hotel to Downtown Disney.(after a short swim and nap) The kids fell asleep on the boat ride.
Once we got there we headed to the Irish Pub Andrew wanted to eat at. It was very good, but I should have gotten the Fish and Chips instead of the Chowder.
We walked around and shopped since it was our last night there.

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