Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Daddy what are we having??

Here's the kids thoughts in their own words.

Can you tell what Haven says at the end of her video? I'll tell you later if you can't tell.


stephen lee cavness said...


haley, i dont know why you ask for suggestions for names... everyone knows your kids have the best names!

-stephen (please do not name him jack.. we have too many friends with children named jack.. it is the name of the decade)

Papa Lyndel said...

It sounds like you may need to try for a girl again in a couple of years! hahahaha

grani said...

Sweet Haven! You are SO your Aunt Christy's child. Any time we gave Aunt Christy news she didn't want to hear, she changed the subject, also.

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

HAHAHA....I was thinking she was like her Daddy...he always wanted to know what was for dinner, even if we weren't talking about food!

A boy! I love the reactions from the kids! Sorry Haven - but that will make you Mama's special little girl!

It just seems so ironic to me that I wanted all boys and you wanted all girls....we even talked about trading if you ended up with boys and I ended up with girls! I don't think you want Hannah though...hehe...(I wouldn't give her up anyway :)

Rachel Wilson said...

Haven, you are priceless! I like the Scarlett O'Hara take on it. You can think about that tomorrow cant you?

christi said...

"What are we having for lunch?" Ha, ha, ha!

Congrats on another little boy! Sorry, Haven! I'm sure she'll grow to love all the attention she'll always have!

ps - Ditto on the Jack comment!!

Di said...

Another boy, huh?

Well .... boy ... girl .... green .... whatever .... the one thing we do KNOW for certain is that this child will be ADORABLE! (And very loved!)

Aunt Di Di

Bryant Clan said...

My name suggestion for a boy: Rowan, Timothy, Markus, Colten.

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

When Haven says her punch line, "What's for lunch?", is truly comical, Haley, and I think you should send that video to an establishment who may give you $10,000.00 toward those future tuitions. Yes, yes, yes! :-)

But then, everything your children say are brilliant and funny and cute at the same time. (Can you tell this is coming from Oma?)