Friday, April 25, 2008

A Tucker trial

This is Tucker.

We thought about adopting him. Obviously, he is a good dog. (See the above picture) He didn't mind the kids messing with him, he was good about going outside, and he wasn't much of a barker.

He didn't like Boomer.

We had him for exactly a week.

He went back home today.

He was so happy to see his family. They love him, but wanted a family that would play with him more. I really want a friend for Boomer, so it didn't work.

If any of my Oklahoma readers know of a family that wants a dog, A GOOD DOG, than let me know.


christi said...

A FOURTH baby coming and you're willing to take on another dog?!?!? You're either wonderful or crazy, not sure which!! (Maybe both!) Have a great week!
~Christi Cavness

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Tucker is a great dog. I hope he finds a good home. Tell Boomer to hold on and be patient; he'll get his own pal soon. (Boomer loves Charlie and Moses.)

Rachel Wilson said...

I find myself missing you VERY badly this week! I need a trip to the great OK!