Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Fun

Above are our last minute Easter Bunny pictures. We still needed pink shoes for Haven's dress, so we went to the mall on Friday and ran into the Easter Bunny. I had totally forgotten about getting their pictures. I almost didn't do it because I figured Elam wouldn't want to. Instead, he started waving and smiling at the Easter Bunny!

Here they are discovering their Easter Baskets.

They should be in a Cingular commercial because of their height.

After church we were off to Aunt Norma's house for lunch.

The kids blew bubbles and had an Easter Egg hunt.


Daniel and Christy Davis said...

I completely forgot about the Easter Bunny this year! I remembered Friday night before Easter and the kids weren't with us! Hannah loved the Easter bunny last year! Oh well...

The kids look great in their Easter outfits. Elam looks so big!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I love to see their joy! At Easter time especially I thank God's blessings and the three golden eggs at the Littleton home: Gibson, Haven and Elam....
Next Easter you'll add another basket and another blessing!

Dee'Anna Midgett said...

They look so cute in all their Easter stuff. I hope you had a good one.


stephen lee cavness said...

wow.. those are some good looking more next year!


Rachel Wilson said...

Hey PREGO! how ya doing? I know what you need! my peanut butter oatmeal cookie sandwhich. You loved them when you were preggers with Haven!