Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Fun

Above are our last minute Easter Bunny pictures. We still needed pink shoes for Haven's dress, so we went to the mall on Friday and ran into the Easter Bunny. I had totally forgotten about getting their pictures. I almost didn't do it because I figured Elam wouldn't want to. Instead, he started waving and smiling at the Easter Bunny!

Here they are discovering their Easter Baskets.

They should be in a Cingular commercial because of their height.

After church we were off to Aunt Norma's house for lunch.

The kids blew bubbles and had an Easter Egg hunt.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gibson's preschool program

Friday was an exciting day in Gibson's life.

He performed in his preschool program, Creepy Crawly Critters.
Here he is getting his rosy cheeks.

They all walked in with their bug glasses.

Each preschooler had a special part during each song, but only ONE preschooler had a solo dance part!! I was so proud! His song was "Firefly"
It was sung to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb"
A little light is floating by
floating by
floating by,
A little light is floating by
See the Firefly
The little light goes on and off
on and off
on and off
the little light goes on and off
See the Firefly
He will gladly sing any of the songs from the program. (Don't worry Grani and Papa, I have video of the program and you will get to see it when you come visit!)

He took a few pictures with his buddy Austin. Then he got to ride home with his daddy.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Let me tell you a story about a "friend"

OK, So, I have a story to tell. Let's say it's about a "friend" of mine.
This friend is married and has 3 beautiful children. She lives in, um, the mid-west. This "friend" of mine thought she might have been pregnant back in December, because she didn't have her "regular" visitor. She had been taking these little pills for last few months. These pills are supposed to keep her from getting pregnant, but they made her gain weight, so she was thinking about quiting. So, when "that" monthly thing didn't happen she thought she might be pregnant.
She went to the doctor for a blood test because the home test were negative. She's never had a negative test. They've only been positive. The blood test said she was not pregnant and the doctor said it was caused by the pills. My friend decided to forget the pills. The problem is she literally forgot the pills. So, after another month rolled around and she still didn't get her "visitor" she thought, "Hmmm, I wonder..........?"
Well, this time the test at home was positive.

Ok, so let's stop pretending. There is no friend. IT'S ME! Did you figure that already????!!!
My readers are so smart.

I had an ultra sound yesterday and was given the due date of Oct. 4th.

Can you believe it?

We waited to tell the kids. I wanted to video them when we told them to see what funny things they would say.

Basically, I showed them the little ultra sound. Now remember, this early ultra sound isn't much more than a picture of a little peanut in a black circle.
When I showed it to the kids and asked what they thought it might be, Gibson said, "Is it an angel?" Haven said, "A Nascar place?" Then Gibson said, "A volcano?"

"No, it's a baby." I said. Gibson said, "Inside a tummy?" I said "yes."
"Inside your tummy." I said yes. So, then he said, "It's Elam." Haven yells, "It's Gibson. It's Haven."

"No, it's a New baby!!"

And they were basically like.... "Oh." and that's it.

Gibson ask, "What's his name?"

"Well, we don't know if it's a boy or girl. What do you want?"

"I want a brother. Then there will be 3 brothers!" Gibson said.

Haven of course wants a sister.

"Gibson, What do you want to name your new baby?" "Tony Stewart!"

"Haven, What do you want to name your new baby?" "Gabriella!"

Here are some short movie clips of me asking each kid "What do you think about mommy having another baby?"

Listen to Haven's funny answer for, "What kind of baby do you want?"

Gibson math is a little off.

Elam's is pretty funny.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Andrew and Haley

Just thought I'd add this picture of me and Andrew from Valentines dinner at church.

If you haven't read his restaraunt reviews lately you need to check it out.

There will even be article write up about their website in our city newspaper!!