Monday, February 11, 2008

pictures from work

Here's what Andrew's cubicle looked like. The balloons he had to open were inside.

These guys are from his old team, but they still went through all the trouble.


Bryant Clan said...

Goodness! Gibson looked EXACTLY the same as Andrew as a little guy. It took me a while to figure the posters out. I kept saying "Why is Gibson on Andrew's posters?" Then it clicked. "Ohhhhh. Duh..."

Papa Lyndel said...

The feedjit deal is soooo cool. You probably noticed that I added it to my blogs. When I logged on to your blog it said Nashville. Someone else is the Joelton one.

Tessa is right. The baby pictures of Andrew and Gibson are hard to tell apart!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

That just shows that they thought Andrew was a great boss!