Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Haven singing

My daughter sings almost all day long. (If it's a good day)

Today I was listening to her singing in the kitchen.

Are you familiar with the song, "Every Move I Make I Make in You"

Let me remind you..

Every move I make I make in you

You make me move Jesus

Every step I take I take in you

Every breath I make I make in you

You are my way Jesus

Every breath I take I take in you

Waves of Mercy

Waves of Grace

Every where I look, I see your face

Your love has captured me

Oh my God this love

How can it be

Na na na na na na

na na na na na

So, are you singing it??

If not, you won't laugh at this next part.

When Haven sang it today, she changed a few words around in the chorus.

Instead of...... Every where I look, I see your face

She said, Every where I look I see the parade!!!

Maybe I can get video of her singing it so you can here it.

They both love the Na nas


Daniel and Christy Davis said...

Too funny! She reminds me so much of myself when I was least the stories about myself...I used to sing and sing and sing and change all the words...

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Oma does that even now.

grani said...

Christy sang, "That wooden thang is my sewing chair" the real words were "The word and faith are my sword and shield". hahaha! It must run in the family.

Papa Lyndel said...

Andrew used to sing all of the time too. Between Christy and Andrew we never could eat supper in less than two hours so we had to make a "no singing at the table" rule. They were really happy children.