Sunday, February 10, 2008

Andrew's party

Tonight we had a party for the 30 year old.

He worked hard all day making yummy yummy food. (I specifically requested his spinach dip for crackers, YUM)

He's been in a deviled egg mood lately.
He also made his own verision of his mom's hot ham and cheese sandwiches. He made a bunch. (I'm glad, now I can munch on them all week long)

Our friends Sam and Amanda came over and brought little Jack with them.
They also brought their Wii since Andrew hasn't gotten one yet. This is the only game they played sitting down. All the others you have to stand. Gibson played too. He did pretty good.

We just recently went to their new house for Jack's 1 year old birthday. He was doing some good walking at our house tonight.

This is Gibson's 2nd plate.

Gibson took these pictures of Andrew fixing the fire.

It was a fun night. Andrew really wants a Wii now after playing one. Sam and Amanda are letting us borrow theirs so that will be fun.

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