Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mother's Day Out Christmas Program

For family and friends who have been with us since last year, you may remember Gibson as a Shepherd. (click on Dec. 19th 2006 for a reminder)
This year, Gibson is not in Mother's Day Out, but Haven and Elam are.
The program starts with the babies waling in and sitting on stage for two songs.
We were sitting on the isle. The pictures tell the story.......

walking in
still walking in

This is where he spots us...........
And here is where he sits until..............Andrew says, "Put him down and see if he'll walk up."

He does!!!!
Then he came back to our seats for the rest of the show.Haven and her drum.

Here are some of the girls in Haven's class.

Haven was a donkey last year too! She makes a cute barn yard animal doesn't she?

This year, they added a short dance recital to the program. I've been teaching on Tuesdays.
Usually, the kids are at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Tuesdays, but I needed a substitute boy for my dance. (The little boy who was supposed to dance didn't want to. He was more interested in showing everyone the hand gestures his own father taught him! I wasn't ready to include flippin the bird in my dance. Maybe next year.)

Afterwards, it was time for dessert.
That was the last scheduled activity for me and the kids.
We are now just ready and waiting to visit with family and friends.

We miss you very much!!

Oh, and I have some video to add from the program. I'll try that later.


Rachel Wilson said...

got our card thank you soooooo much. I keep getting ours back because evidently I got some seriously defective envelopes and they are ripping apart at the seams. REALLY!
Our blog has the christmas card pic now so check it out.

Papa Lyndel said...

It is sooo much fun seeing these pictures! Maybe we can get there next year for the program. I'll figure out how I can skip our Christmas Eve service.