Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Iced in!

Well, it's ICE STORM 2007!
So far we are safe and sound and have power!
Schools are closed again tomorrow.
My kids have been in and out of the back yard because they wanted to "skate."

Below is our tree from our front court yard and , NO it doesn't usually rest on our roof.

We've had a weird schedule this past week.

My mom came down to visit and to help me drive to Memphis. (I wanted to see my Aunt perform in Bellevue's Singing Christmas tree. She had a lead role. She did great!)

Mom and me and the kids made it back before the ICE STORM.

Mom brought her toy cow she got in Switzerland. She also dressed Elam up in a cow outfit.

Isn't he cute?

Are you wondering where Andrew is during all this?

Green Bay Wisconsin!!!

He left on Friday and was supposed to get back Monday morning. His flight was canceled and he did not make it out until Tuesday at 4:00pm. He was supposed to have a morning flight both Monday and Tuesday, so he was up at 4:00am for no reason. Those of you who know andrew know that he is not a morning person. He was also left all alone on Monday because his football buddies made it out on their flight. As I type this he has made it to Cincinnati and is awaiting a flight to OKC. He should be home by 10:30.

I am so thankful my mom was here to help me. I was able to leave the kids here at the house and run some errands when the ice thawed today.

Below is another tree, but this tree is not frozen with ice. It is a silver BIRTHDAY tree decorated with pink ornaments. We started this tradition for Haven last year for her 3rd birthday. It's a special way to celebrate her December 23rd birthday.


Emily Doss said...

That is so crazy because it's been in the 70's here.
And I love love love Haven's Birthday tree. :)
We saw Annalise this past week at Chili's. :)

grani said...

I hope you guys are thawing out! I'm glad Andrew finally got home. Haven - I LOVE YOUR TREE!!!!!! It's almost birthday time. I can hardly wait. You will be my first granddaughter to turn 4 - how fun! We will party all week when you get to Tennessee. We will have your birthday party and then Jesus' birthday party. What fun!

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

What a beautiful pink birthday tree! I was thinking the same thing as Emily - I had my fans going the same day you guys were covered in ice and grandad and grandma were freezing with no electricity! Crazy stuff...it is cold here now but it wasn't a few days ago, I think the high was 75 last week!

a wandering heart said...

I love her birthday tree!!!!!

We had a few flurries Sunday morning, but nothing even close to sticking. The only icicles near my house are the christmas light kind.