Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dear Gibson, Haven, and Elam,This is me! Your cousin, Bernard! I am sending you a Thanksgiving Card that I made all by myself. (Well, my mommy helped me a little bit.)

This is a Turkey! And can you guess how I made it?Hint: Think fingers!!!!!

I wrote on each finger someone for whom I am thankful. Guess what? You are on my list!

That means you Gibson!

And you Haven!

And even baby Elam!!!!

I am grateful for Boomer, and Mommy and Daddy,and Oklahoma.

I am thankful for Opa and Oma,and Charlie and Moses,and for Arkansas.

I need a lot more fingers!!!!!!!

I am grateful for the color green, and for ice cream, and Spiderman, and Superman, and Cars, and Lightening McQueen, and Cinderella, and Toy Story. I am thankful for vegetables,and turkey and dressing,and for french fries! I am thankful for my Birthday Party, and hugs and kisses, and for Christmas! I am thankful for my mommy. My mommy says that she is your "Aunt Di Di". That's funny. I am thankful for Aunt Annaliese and for Aunt Robin. I am thankful for Papa and Grani, and Uncle Daniel and Aunt Christy,and for Hannah and Benjamin,and for Tennessee.I am thankful for Jesus,for my family,for my friends,and for my home.I love you!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!Your cousin,Bernard(My Mommy says that she loves you too!!!)


Aunt Di Di said...

How sweet!

We do indeed have so much for which we can be grateful.

(Thanks Bernard!)

"I thank my God in remembrance of you."
Phil. 1:3

Emily Doss said...

That is really cute! We got a Christmas letter last year from a 2 year old that said, "Mommy is busy so I thought I'd write and tell you what has happened this year." It was too cute to see the family's fun times revealed through the 2 year old's eyes. :)

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Oma and Opa did not have Thanksgiving turkey this year. We were in Switzerland eating some yummy stuff, but no turkey. Happy belated Thanksgiving to our family. More than any other time we're thankful to God that our family surrounds us with love.