Thursday, October 25, 2007

My birthday

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. It was a very nice birthday. Uneventful in a good way. I didn't do much house work in honor of my birthday. When I talked to my mom I told her I was taking it easy. I then added, "If not doing house work is my way of honoring my birthday, then I must celebrate my birthday several times a week!!!"

I received several nice cards, phone calls, emails and gifts.

I also had a popcorn party in my choir class at church.

When I got home after choir and after a meeting we had my birthday party. The kids were looking forward to my birthday party because I requested brownies!

Gibson wanted to know where all my friends were. He thinks you should have lots of friends at your birthday party.

Click twice below to see a short movie of the kids singing Happy Birthday. (Andrew is singing in a very silly voice. He sounds like Kermett)


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

There is nothing like giving birth to your own fan base! Kermit sounded cute too! He is definitely multi-talented.
If it means anything, you look like a college kid!

Aunt Di Di said...

Happy Birthday! What a marvelous precious day! Celebrating the day of your birth!

How special!!!

I LOVE Gibson's statement: "Mommy, where are all your friends?" Adorable.

That's a question we should take to heart! We SHOULD have all our friends and family with us on our special days.

Next year, let's have a BIG party!!!!!!!!!

I hope this is a GREAT year for you, Haley!!!!! Have a WONDERFUL twenty-eighth year!!!!!

Mel said...

Happy Belated birthday Haley! I knew when I read your post that I vaguely remembered you and Phillip having the same birthday! How fun! Hope it was a great one!

PS Can you email me your home address?