Saturday, October 13, 2007

hurt my feelings

When Gibson went for his 5 year check up back in July he ended up having his blood tested for cholesterol and triglycerides. His cholesterol was fine, but his triglycerides were 3 times the amount they should be.
So, Dr. Parker suggested that we switch to 2% milk and cut back to french fries only once a week.
A few weeks ago when I was denying him french fries again I was trying to explain to him that the doctor said he couldn't have too many french fries because it would be bad for his heart.

The other day he used a funny phrase and it took me a while to figure out how he came up with it. He was asking me for french fries again. Of couse, I said no, but he asked me again and then told me, "Mom, it'll be ok.............. they won't hurt my feelings."

Because I had told him they would hurt his heart he thought I meant make him sad or "hurt his feelings."


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Robin and I read this about Gibson and his french fries last night. Gibson doesn't know it yet, but by not eating tons of french fries, he'll come out ahead in the long run. (He'll look forward to his high school reunions!)
See if you can find those special kind of french fries that won't hurt his feelings.

Aunt Di Di said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!
What a child!

Rachel Wilson said...

I have told this story like 10 Xs already. It is tooooooo cute!
Miss you bunches,


a wandering heart said...

That is soo cute!!!