Friday, October 05, 2007

Cousin Bernard in Memphis and Elam's first hair cut

Oma and the gang left OKC around 10:00 on Thursday. (We missed MDO and mommy's exercise class, but it was worth it to get to Memphis at a descent hour)

Memphis is a fun place to visit because Aunt DiDi and cousin Bernard live there.

Aunt DiDi's house is always fun. The kids love to see the kitty cats. We also got a visit from our family friend Rene. Rene is from Switzerland and is visiting for a few weeks.

Friday we left for Clarksville to see Aunt Annaliese.

I had a wedding to go to on Saturday but first I had an important mission:

to get ALL THREE kids hair cut.

It would be Elam's first one.

My long haired hippie

Aunt Annaliese took us to Walmart.

So far so good????

What a pretty boy!

Now, my oldest son used to have a horrible time getting hair cuts. We used to just let Grani cut his hair and then we moved so mommy had to start cutting his hair.

Now he is such a big boy and has no problem getting his hair cut.

Here's my pretty princess!

Next was PARTY TIME with Oma and Aunt Annaliese and later Papa and Grani.

I went to the wedding which was beautiful and had a great time visiting with some old friends.

Me and Melanie.

She danced in my wedding.

While I was at the wedding, the kids had fun dancing to SWITCHFOOT for Papa and Grani and Oma and Aunt Annaliese.
They also went to Chuck E. Cheese!

Check out his dance moves!!

Papa got some great video of the kids dancing.

Tennessee is so fun!

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Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Whenever I'm with family, it is a fun and sweet time. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip with my daughter and the grandbabies (although I really can't call Gibson that anymore.) I got to see my other daughter, and "maybe" her future in-laws, and always, Haley's in-laws are just the best! The newest addition to their Littleton-Davis family, Benjamin, was so cute! What a special moment it was for his adoption day! Cousins are an important part of the family. Ask Bernard!