Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nature trail field trip

Today was another field trip to a Nature Trail.

Ian, Gibson and Connor

The picture below is in honor of Grani!!!!!

Field trips are fun for siblings too!

This was my favorite part. From this beautiful bridge the kids were able to feed these gigantic fish!

I Have some videos I'll try and add later

More Halloween pictures to come!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pumpkin patch

Today was Gibson Preschool field trip to "Chester's Pumpkin Patch."

We met at the school at 9:30. I couldn't find my phone this morning and forgot my map, so I was just going to follow the bus. (all my kids were riding with me)

Well, when the bus pulled out I quickly jumped in line behind it. Good thing too, because the bus driver was FLYING! At one point we were going over 60 MPH!

The first part of the day was spent with Austin, Gibson's shy little buddy. He wasn't as shy today and he and Gibson and Haven enjoyed feeding the animals and riding the ponies.

At lunch we met up with Ian and Connor. Then it was time to go on the hay ride. The hay ride took us to the corn maze and then the giant slide!!

A friendly doggy joined us for the hay ride back. Before we left Chester's the kids got to pick a pumpkin to take home.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My birthday

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. It was a very nice birthday. Uneventful in a good way. I didn't do much house work in honor of my birthday. When I talked to my mom I told her I was taking it easy. I then added, "If not doing house work is my way of honoring my birthday, then I must celebrate my birthday several times a week!!!"

I received several nice cards, phone calls, emails and gifts.

I also had a popcorn party in my choir class at church.

When I got home after choir and after a meeting we had my birthday party. The kids were looking forward to my birthday party because I requested brownies!

Gibson wanted to know where all my friends were. He thinks you should have lots of friends at your birthday party.

Click twice below to see a short movie of the kids singing Happy Birthday. (Andrew is singing in a very silly voice. He sounds like Kermett)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Sunday before last was a fun Sunday. I was able to dance in church for the first time in 2 years. It went very well and I got some good feedback. I danced to scripture. Not just any scripture, Sodom and Gomorrah!! We cut out the "iffee" part and it ended being very special. I also danced to, "How Deep the Father's Love." That was an AMAZING, b/c the congregation started to sing while I was dancing!! Oh, so cool!

We also went to the Oklahoma Centennial parade. It was fun. The kids really enjoyed it.

We had big floats. These floats were quit a struggle with the Oklahoma wind.

It was interesting to see all the different features from Oklahoma. We had American Indians, Astronauts, celebrities and much more. Who knew?

This float had to be lowered b/c the wind was blowing too hard.

This is James Garner the actor. He put his hat up right as I snapped the picture!!!

This is what he looks like.

Unfortunately, Garth Brooks, Reba Mcentire and Carrie Underwood were too "busy" to appear in the parade! Oh well.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

hurt my feelings

When Gibson went for his 5 year check up back in July he ended up having his blood tested for cholesterol and triglycerides. His cholesterol was fine, but his triglycerides were 3 times the amount they should be.
So, Dr. Parker suggested that we switch to 2% milk and cut back to french fries only once a week.
A few weeks ago when I was denying him french fries again I was trying to explain to him that the doctor said he couldn't have too many french fries because it would be bad for his heart.

The other day he used a funny phrase and it took me a while to figure out how he came up with it. He was asking me for french fries again. Of couse, I said no, but he asked me again and then told me, "Mom, it'll be ok.............. they won't hurt my feelings."

Because I had told him they would hurt his heart he thought I meant make him sad or "hurt his feelings."

Friday, October 12, 2007


Monday after picking Gibson up from school we came home to have a snack. After taking a few bites Gibson looked at me with wonder in his eyes and said,

"Mom, did you know that before there were people it was just the earth and THEN God made people?!"

And I said, "Wow Gibson................did you learn that in school today?"

I was expecting him to look at me with his beautiful blues and nod his head and smile, but instead he said,

"Uh, NO, We learned about pumpkins!!!"

Adoption day and party!!

Here we are waiting to go into the courtroom for Benjamin's adoption. It was such a special day! I'm so glad Gibson, Haven and Elam were able to be a part of it.

After the adoption we had a fun party at Aunt Christy and Uncle Daniel church. Elam really enjoyed the cake!!!

Before we left for Memphis that night, the cousins had fun dancing together one more time.