Saturday, September 08, 2007

Don't you love babies?!?

Don't you love babies? Everybody loves babies. (personally, I was always nervous around babies until I had my own)

My sister-in-law on the other hand has ALWAYS loved babies. I knew she would be a great mom. She was so comfortable with kids. She's basically just a comfortable person to be around! I'm so glad I got her as a sister-in-law. I wouldn't have picked anyone else.

A special bond we share has to do with her love of kids and my plans for adoption. I will always treasure the fact that Christy was in my wedding and that I was in hers. She along with Andrew's Mom and Dad knew from the very beginning that I wanted 3 kids. It was even mentioned at my wedding. I've always said I wanted 2 of my own and than 1 adopted one. At Christy's wedding, I was pregnant with Gibson. I figured Christy would have the next one and than the next one and then eventually I'd have another one and then start the adoption process.

If you know our family, than you know the twist.

Christy didn't have the next one. I DID! She DID have the next one after that, but not the way we all thought!

She and Daniel adopted a beautiful baby girl and now are about to celebrate the official adoption day of their beautiful baby boy.

Papa, has created a painting that he is selling on Ebay. The money he makes is to go toward the adoption cost.

Here's the link to Ebay so you can read his story and see the picture and maybe even bid on the beautiful painting.


Papa Lyndel said...

We have such a wonderful family! Don't we? I'm sure everyone is jealous that we all love each other so much and love being together and have the prettiest kids and all of that. -grin- Thanks for mentioning the painting. I hope we get a lot of interest in it. Everyone should mark that they are watching it, even if they aren't bidding on it. Then you'll all know what is happening with it. Love from Papa!

Anonymous said...

The painting is georgeous papa! I wish we were able to bid on it. But being that we have 3 kids we are always spent. Haley, I MISS YOU! how is pre-school and MDO? have you picked up any books on homeschooling yet?

Hey, I found a picture the other day and it is (from the vantage point of my deck) Alie & Gibson playing in the turtle sandbox. They were so tiny! I also have the one from the day we went to GG's and he has chocolate ice cream ALL OVER him sitting on the little bench in the back forier. TOO CUTE!


Aunt Di Di said...

So sweet! Such a lovely painting. I hope it sells for a million dollars! That is what it is worth. As for our wonderful family . . . well that is priceless.

a wandering heart said...

Beautiful painting, Brother Lyndel! I loved reading the story behind the painting. Haley, thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

More people need beautiful paintings! It's a touch of joy on canvas that needs to be shown and shared. Each grandchild is God's beautiful painting of joy to all of us. The painting is great and the artist is "fantastically" talented!