Monday, September 24, 2007

Field trip fun

Scroll down to start at the beginning.

This is at the end of the trip.

Gibson didn't want to take a picture with his sister.

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up up up

Fire fighter Greg showed us how to climb the ladder.

Then he turned on the siren.

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The ladder

Here's how high the ladder goes up.

Then fire fighter Greg asked, "Does anyone want to climb up the ladder?"

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family fun

Elam is ready for his nap!!!!
This field trip was NOT on his schedule!!
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more more pics

Inside the fire truck

Haven's turn

Brother and sister passing by.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gibson's first field trip

Here is the bus he took to the fire station

Gibson liked looking down from the 2nd floor.

Fire Fighter Greg showed us how he slides down the pole!

Haven and Elam also went on the field trip.

It won't let me add more pictures, so I have to do another post.

Last minute baby dedication

Today I walked into church after Sunday school and saw all the little babies lined up for baby dedication. I asked if we could add Elam last minute. At first they weren't going to let us, but then they said ok, so I ran to his room and grabed him.

I probably should have waited till Spring,but I didn't want him to be too much older than Gibson and Haven were.

He was still cute even though his hair is too long and he looks like a farmer.

I'm still a little sad b/c they didn't get to put his picture up on the Big TV.

Oh well.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Andrew's blog

My husband has decided to start a blog. It's about food. For such a skinny boy, he sure does enjoy his meals.

If you aren't familiar with his humor, than you may not enjoy reading it.

Just a warning.

Fun at the fair!

Last Sunday night we went to the fair. We didn't really plan to go, but we were hungry and thought fair food sounded good.

Gibson was really wanting to ride some ride, so he and Andrew went on the log ride.

It was his first official roller coaster. It went pretty high and they also got wet, but he had lots of fun!

He and Haven were going to go on the dragons, BUT there were no seats together, so Gibson climbed in with another little girl. Haven only wanted to sit with her brother, so she left.

They did get to ride together on this car ride.

I was chauffeured on this next ride!

I guess one day when I'm too old to drive this will be a more realistic picture!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Don't you love babies?!?

Don't you love babies? Everybody loves babies. (personally, I was always nervous around babies until I had my own)

My sister-in-law on the other hand has ALWAYS loved babies. I knew she would be a great mom. She was so comfortable with kids. She's basically just a comfortable person to be around! I'm so glad I got her as a sister-in-law. I wouldn't have picked anyone else.

A special bond we share has to do with her love of kids and my plans for adoption. I will always treasure the fact that Christy was in my wedding and that I was in hers. She along with Andrew's Mom and Dad knew from the very beginning that I wanted 3 kids. It was even mentioned at my wedding. I've always said I wanted 2 of my own and than 1 adopted one. At Christy's wedding, I was pregnant with Gibson. I figured Christy would have the next one and than the next one and then eventually I'd have another one and then start the adoption process.

If you know our family, than you know the twist.

Christy didn't have the next one. I DID! She DID have the next one after that, but not the way we all thought!

She and Daniel adopted a beautiful baby girl and now are about to celebrate the official adoption day of their beautiful baby boy.

Papa, has created a painting that he is selling on Ebay. The money he makes is to go toward the adoption cost.

Here's the link to Ebay so you can read his story and see the picture and maybe even bid on the beautiful painting.