Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Monday night celebration (andrew's photography)

To celebrate Gibson's first day with daddy, we had a special dessert Monday night.

Here is the info sheet Gibson brought home from school. I can't believe the teachers took time to do this for every child.

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Andrew took a few pictures of his kiddos.

He really captured our sweet little princess!

Look at all those teeth!

Who does Gibson look like in this picture??


grani said...

I love the princess' tonsils!! What a fun day that first day was! Thanks for letting us see the note from the teacher.

Anonymous said...

Just when I think I can let a couple of days go by without checking your blog, you write a book. I love about your talking about anger and responding to anger, etc. I have always thought, but maybe did not practice always, learning to deal with life with a sense of humor. Yes, I think God has a sense of humor too....but, all right, mostly He dealt with practical sayings, but I'm sure He had a sense of humor as well. He made me. A sweet blog..., Haley!